Shared Mail Setup For Your IPhone

Email Servers have recently been updated for your Shared Mailing Servers. The steps below provides, how to correctly and completely set up your IPhone email configuration .

IPhone Software Type : IOS 8.1.2




Getting Started 

1) Turn on IPhone and click “Settings” 



2) Once in settings, scroll to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” 


3) Press “Add Account” 



4) Press “Other”





5) Press “Add Mail Account” 




6) Fill out existing account: 



The image below provides an overview after you put in your email credentials. This current fragment shows four sections : IMAP/POP, Account Info(Name, Email, Description), Incoming Mail Server, and Outgoing Mail Server.


My Preference is IMAP than POP



7) Once accessed, Put information for “INCOMING MAIL SERVER”




8) After Incoming mail server, put in information for “OUTGOING MAIL SERVER”


9) Press “Next”


Note: If in any case, A certification message comes up, press details and press Trust:



10) Enable “Mail and “Notes” 
















If in any case you were not able to get your email, 

Please make sure:

  • Username and password are correct
  • Please check if the hostname server is:
  • Make sure you accept the certificate


if in any case you were not able to get your email,

Please edit it manually through the mailing system for Incoming and Outgoing

Manually provide configurations

Please go to your email account.


We will be concentrating on Outgoing. Which would be SMTP  section. Please choose SMTP and another window will pop up regarding SMTP.


From there, select your server hostname for example down below:


Primary Server:




Finally, Once you are in your SMTP hostname server, please double check again if you have this shown below:




Please make sure you have this: 

  • Hostname:
  • Username:
  • Password: ***************
  • Use SSL: ON
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 587


If you have any question please Please Contact Webair Tech Support at : 1(516) 938-4100 or you can visit us at


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