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Installing Templates for Joomla

Joomla makes it easy to update your website’s look and feel with a few easy steps. The most convenient part of the process for updating you website themes with Joomla would have to be you don’t need to unzip your theme package before uploading to your site directory. Through the admin section, you can select Extension from the top of your page, and click on Install/Uninstall. From this page, you are able to browse your local computer for your downloaded zip files, and once the zip is located, you  click Upload and Install, and Joomla will automatically unzip your files and place them in their corresponding directory.

Once the files are uploaded, you will be going back to the Extension drop down where you will now be clicking on Template Manager. In this section you will have an inventory on all your uploaded themes. Click on the theme you are attempting to make active, and set as default by hitting the default star located in the top right. Some templates will be accompanied by additional plugins to help power the template, so if you revisit your site, and notice an error message regarding your template, there’s no reason to worry just retreat back to your admin page.

Once again, use the Extension drop down, this time going to Plugin Manager(if you don’t see you associated plugin in this section, it was not uploaded, go back to the Upload and Install steps to add the plugin from your local computer). From this manager you can enable the corresponding plugin. You should now see you new updated website.

If you would like to use Joomla as the content management system for your site, it can be easily deployed from your Webair  EZpanel.

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