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How to get rid of ^M characters.

When you edit a file in Windows and then open in UNIX, you must have seen ^M characters getting appended in the content. How to get rid of it ?

Most UNIX OS come with a utility called ‘dos2unix or dosunix (FreeBSD)’ . If it is not installed, please run following appropriate commands to install the utility and then convert appropriate file

  • Linux:

             yum install dos2unix

             dos2unix inputfile  >outputfile

  • FreeBSD:

            pkg install dosunix

            dosunix inputfile outputfile

Also, there are other ways to remove such characters as well:

  • Via Sed command:

           sed -e “s/^V^M//” inputfile > outputfile

          Note: Don’t paste the above command. Press Ctrl V and then Ctrl M in the above command instead.

  • Via vi editor:

    1. Open the file in vi.
    2. In the command mode, type :%s/^M//g.

          Note: Don’t type “^M”, but instead press “Ctrl V” and “Ctrl M” for it.

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