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Growing Disk Space After Resizing a Windows Server

Once a Windows Server is resized in VMWare, you must grow the disk inside of Windows. Below you will find very simple steps to grow the Volume.


First, Open Computer Management.

From your Desktop of your Windows Server, open the Server Manager and select Tools > Computer Management.




Open Disk Management

Under the Storage folder in the left pane, select Disk Management. In the left pane of Disk Management you will see the current formatted hard drive for your server, generally (C:), and you should also see an amount of unallocated space in the right pane. In this example we have a server with 40 GB of hard disk space that we have resized to 80 GB. That expanded storage space is the unallocated 40 GB.


disk mgn


Extend the Volume

Select the C:\\ drive and right-click on it. Choose Extend Volume from the drop down menu.



Extend Volume Wizard

This will open the Extend Volume Wizard. Click Next to begin the process.



Select the Volume you wish to Extend

To add all available space to your C:\\ drive (Disk 0) you can keep the default selections and press Next. Of course with this step, choose the disk you want to grow.



You will now see the C:\\ drive expand to the maximum available space. To finalize the modifications click Finish.


Verify Disk Space

You will now see the additional disk drive volume that you created. Close Computer Management and begin using the additional space that you have just created. You can verify that the Extend process worked correctly by loading the Computer Manager from the Server Manager and checking the disk size for the C:\\ drive in Disk Management.



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