EzPanel FTP Getting Started

FTP : How to

FTP also known as File Transfer Protocol, allows you to upload files to a remote or even local server.


So you ask, what do I need to FTP and upload files to my website?


1) A server hostname – (Example : yourserver.webair.com)

2) A User name and Password – (This is provided in your setup email, or you can create one through EZPanel)

3) If your on a Webair Managed server, you will also need to Whitelist your IP.

4) Some type of FTP Client – (For this tutorial, we will use FileZilla)


Step # 1


Acquire your server hostname, for this tutorial, I am going to use my server, which will be mohayon1.webair.com


Step # 2


Now it is time to obtain your FTP Username and Password information. If you cannot find it. Use this article, How to add FTP Accounts.


Step # 3


Whitelist your IP Address. First you will need to get your IP Address. Go here, IPGoat.com and then make sure you either copy or write down your IP Address, it should look something like this xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (series of numbers in between the periods).

Once you have your IP Address, login to your EZPanel. On the left side of the EZPanel, you will see the FTP Tab.



Shown here in the picture below : 


Upon clicking that tab, you will be presented with the next screen. Here, you will then have to click on the Click here option to get to the IP Whitelist.

Shown here in the picture below : 


Now on the next screen you can either paste the IP Address that you obtained a few steps back or just click the Add My IP to Whitelist button. Once, you click that you will see your IP Address pop up in the text box, then click Continue to add the IP to the server whitelist.

Shown here in the picture below : 


Congratulations, your server will now allow FTP Connections from your IP Address! Let’s move on to the last step!

Step # 4


Its time to put all your info into an FTP Client! You may have one already and you may not. If not, we recommend Filezilla which can be downloaded here.


Once downloaded and installed. You will notice at the top of the Screen, the Quick Connect Option. Enter your Server Hostname, Username and Password you can leave the Port Blank. Then click on Quick Connect!


You should now have connected to your server and can begin uploading files to the websites you have setup! In the image below, you will see an arrow pointing to where your Website Directories will be shown. You can then drag and drop the content from your computer into those folders to upload files!


Shown here in the picture below : 


That’s it! You can now upload files to your websites!

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