Installing Webair’s Shared Email Services on Android Devices

To setup a Shared Email Services account on your Android follow these steps:

Please confirm your username and password by logging into , If you cannot login here with you email and passwords, you do not have Shared Email as an email solution.

(Instructions may vary depending on your OS version, for model specific instructions  please contact your wireless service provider)


1. Go to the “Settings“.

1_find setting

2. Click on “Add Account”.


3. Choose “Email“.


4. Enter your email address and password and select “Manual Setup”.

4_entire email creds

 5. For account type select “IMAP”.

5_Select IMAP acct

 6. For the incoming server settings type your username (your username is your email address), enter your password, type as the IMAP server, set the port to 143, security type choose “None”, specify if you would like the 
email deleted from the server once it’s downloaded and click “Next”.

7_mail_webair (1)


 7. For the outgoing server settings enter as they SMTP server, choose port 587, set security type to “TLS (accept all)”, check “Require sign in“, enter your username and password below, then click “Next”.

8_more configs


 8. Specify email checking frequency and check the preferences below as desired and click “Next”.


 9. Finally, specify a local account name (optional) and your name as you would like it to display to your recipients and click “Done”.

10_almost done




Finalized Settings:

Incoming Server:
Port: 143

Outbound Server:
Port: 587
SSL: TLS (Accept all certificates)

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