Change CDN DNS

If in any case you would want to change your DNS for CDN usage, please provide your webair account credentials. Having your credentials will proceed you into doing the next following steps. Note: For Step 3, code is case-sensitive. Please be careful in copying the code for your current DNS.
Once you’ve setup your Domain in the CDN Media Control Center you’re ready to setup your DNS. Follow these steps:


For this tutorial let’s assume you setup as your CDN.


Step 1


Login to your Webair EZPanel (


Step 2


Navigate to DNS on the left panel.


Step 3

Select your domain from the drop down and add the following line if it does not already exist:

cdn    IN    CNAME



Step 4

In order to get the Domain to point to go to “Edge CNAMEs” in your Media Control Center and see where it says “Points To” in the table. It will always be a domain.



At this point let DNS propagate and you’ll be on your way.

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