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What is ProtoMail?

  Protomail   Protomail is a Professional, Reliable Email Hosting solution from Webair. ProtoMail’s business email solution is ideal for busy professionals, letting you create email addresses for your own Web domain as well as create additional mailboxes for all your employees. ProtoMail comes fully loaded with spam– and virus–filtering technology to help ensure that …


What is an MX Record?

  An MX record is a DNS entry for your domain that tells the world where to deliver your email. This needs to be set correctly in order for you to receive email. An example entry for DNS would look like the following: @ IN MX 10


What is an alias?

    Alias   An alias is used to forward email to another local mail account. You need to create that mailbox before you create the alias. To create an alias, create a new email account, then add an alias. When it asks for an account pick the one that you want to forward the …


What is a POP3?

  POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) A┬átype of e-mail mailbox service. Each POP3 account is assigned a username and password, thus you can check your e-mail through your local e-mail client (ie. Thunderbird, Outlook). It is recommended for only one user to use a POP3 account, because when you check your POP3 mail it is …


What is a forward?

Forward   It forwards email messages sent to a local e-mail address to another one. You can use forwards to forward mail to another server. To create a forward you need to know the e-mail address you want to forward mail to and the local e-mail address name that you want forwarded. If you wanted …


What does “user over quota” mean?

User Over Quota   Each email account with Webair comes with a limited size mailbox. If your mailbox reaches the size of the quota new incoming emails will be rejected.  


Microsoft OUTLOOK SPAM Tutorial/s

    This tutorial is designed to provide a quick and easy way to filter your unwanted junk email, often referred to as SPAM (Self Promotional Advertising Message). Similar to junk mail that you find in your residential mailbox, you will probably receive unwanted junk mail in your email box as well. By following the …


How do I set up webair mail account on my mobile device ?

Overview: Open your device’s email application. Tap Accounts and select Add Account Enter full Email address and Password. We support both IMAP and POP3. Enter the following settings in the incoming and outgoing mail server settings Enter name of the account. Enter where YOURDOMAIN is the domain of the webmail address for incoming and …


How do I set up my mail with the new information Webair sent me?

  For a new account where the domain name is not fully transferred to Webair, your email account(s) may or may not work properly   How to Configure your E-mail Program Microsoft Outlook | Apple Mail | Thunderbird Microsoft Outlook 1. Click the Start button. 2. Point to All Programs. 3. Click Outlook Express. 4. …


How do I set up and auto responder / vacation message?

  1. After entering Email Administration area, click ‘Mail Robot’ to set up and auto responder / vacation message 2. Enter name, subject and email address to send a copy of the mail 3. Click Add