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Email FreeBSD Security Tips and Tricks

Identifying malicious mail scripts on FreeBSD

This article will help you identify an possible spam scripts that may be causing unwanted outbound mail which could cause your servers ip address to be blacklisted.There are many different ways a script may get onto the server however we I will provide several different tools and methods to help identify scripts.   PHP scripts …

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SSL Certificate Installation for Courier IMAP and POP

This guide will provide you information on how to setup and configure SSL certificates for the courier IMAP mail server.   Prior to the installation you will need to purchase an SSL certificate from your domain registrar. In this example, the SSL was purchased from DomainPal. You will need the following from: Private Key File (Generated on …


Set Up Email for Thunderbird

This article will explain the steps on how you should properly install your email through Thunderbird. Question: Why would you want me to install the mailing system, Thunderbird. Answer: Thunderbird is a Free mailing service for anyone to use whether you have a Windows PC, a Mac, or a Linux box. Compared to Microsoft Outlook, paying for …

Email Protomail

Reset Protomail password?

Only the Account Administrator will be able to update Protomail password, If you are a mail administrator you will always be able to login to your Protomail Settings page via “Webmail” link on Ezpanel.   1. Log into Protomail here: 2.  After you login to your ProtoMail, click on the Settings icon, located on the top right. 3. …


Shared Mail Setup For Your IPhone

Email Servers have recently been updated for your Shared Mailing Servers. The steps below provides, how to correctly and completely set up your IPhone email configuration . IPhone Software Type : IOS 8.1.2     Getting Started  1) Turn on IPhone and click “Settings”    2) Once in settings, scroll to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”  3) Press “Add Account”  …


Installing Webair’s Shared Email Services on Android Devices

To setup a Shared Email Services account on your Android follow these steps: Please confirm your username and password by logging into , If you cannot login here with you email and passwords, you do not have Shared Email as an email solution. (Instructions may vary depending on your OS version, for model specific instructions  …


How do I add more Email users?

Adding additional Email users? The power is in your hands!    1.You can do that via the Ezpanel “My Websites” link. 2.Choose the domain where the new user will be added.  3. Once you are on Settings page choose “Manage Mail“.  4. You will now see a “Manage Email Accounts” under the primary administrative shortcuts, click. …


What is the Webair Mail Server information?

Webair Mail Server Information: The incoming and outgoing mail server will be specific to each domain you setup mail on. For Example: The incoming AND outgoing servers for would be


What is the mailing list?

A mailing list is a small version of the majordomo mailing list program. It works exactly the same. If you want your visitors to be able to talk to each other and communicate with each other via a mailing list then use this feature.


What is Qmailadmin and how do I use it?

What? Qmailadmin lets you manage all your POP3’s, forwards, aliases, mailing lists, and auto responders.   How? It lets you do this all from one control panel. It also gives you the power to have total control over all the e-mail sent to your domain and how e-mail accounts are setup.   When setting up your email …