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Domain Name and DNS

A Name Server and a Domain Name works together from typing the domain name into the browser to having it display the web page. Below gives an easy, and better understanding on how Name Server and Domain Name have relationship towards each other. When you type  in a browser, your browser will try to locate the IP …

DNS DNS information?

The DNS information about provided below shows webair’s DNS including Webair Tech Nic Handle information. PRIMARY DNS: NS.WEBAIR.NET PRIMARY IP:   SECONDARY DNS: NS2.WEBAIR.NET SECONDARY IP:   Webair Tech Nic Handle: WN269-ORG Network solutions users only


DNS And NameServers

  When the internet was created, there were very few users or websites online. Instead of navigating to a text web address like we do today, users entered the IP address of the server that had the content they wanted.   DNS As the internet has grown, millions of websites have been created, making it …


Understand My CDN

  Our CDN technology provides unparalleled throughput and responsiveness — video plays smoothly without stalling or choppiness,audio files start instantly, as if they were on your hard drive and software downloads are lightning fast and achieve high completion rates.   On the My CDNs page you’ll see something like this:     Webair CDN Button …


Change CDN DNS

If in any case you would want to change your DNS for CDN usage, please provide your webair account credentials. Having your credentials will proceed you into doing the next following steps. Note: For Step 3, code is case-sensitive. Please be careful in copying the code for your current DNS. Once you’ve setup your Domain in …

DNS Email

How do I add an SPF record?

Spam.  No one likes it. No one wants it. No one needs it. However, it is there and is likely to be there for the foreseeable future. All we can do as responsible mail server administrators is to ensure we are not part of the problem by not running an open relay and locking down …


How can I change the name server information for my domain name?

You are able to edit your name server for your existing domain. If you decide to edit your name server remember to please provide yourself with your EzPanel credentials in order for you to proceed to the next step. PLEASE BE AWARE: EDITING NAME SERVER INFORMATION CAN RESULT IN A LOSS OF SERVICE IF DONE …


How can I change the Authoritative Name Server information for my Domain Name?

    At most domain registrars, the Registrant, Administrative Contact, and Technical Contact are the only people who have authority to modify information regarding the domain name – including the DNS or name server information. If you are one of the ‘titles’ above, you can go to website where you registered the Domain Name and …