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Installing phpMyAdmin and connecting to remote database server

phpMyAdmin is one of the many tools that allows administrators the ability to effectively and efficiently work with their databases. This can can either be a local database or on a remote database. Where ever the location of your database, phpMyAdmin will easily allow you to connect to both.   Installing phpMyAdmin This can be done …

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How to Display MySQL Storage Engines

How to Display MySQL Storage Engines From the MySQL command line, issue the following command: SHOW ENGINES; You should receive a result similar to:   Typically the default storage engine will be set to MyISAM. This storage engine normally provides the best combination of performance and functionality, although it lacks transaction capabilities and uses table-level …


Purpose of A Database

  Many beginners wonder to themselves: What do we use a database for? How is it beneficial to us? Why do we use a database? A DATABASE can be useful such as keeping track on information. Comparing this to a spreadsheet or a list from excel, a DATABASE can STORE information that can be more complicated …