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Is the data encrypted? Does Webair have access to the data?

Within Veeam B&R you have the ability to enable encryption on not just the transfer but you can encrypt the backup prior to traversing the SSL connection so it is stored encrypted at Webair. No, Webair does not have access to the data.


How Can I Seed My Backups for Veeam Cloud Connect?

Sometimes you have an enormous amount of backup data that could take weeks for the first full job to complete. We offer a way that you can seed that to us and streamline the initial backups to our offsite DC. If you want to seed a Backup Copy job you will need to do the …


How much Bandwidth is needed for Veeam Cloud Connect Jobs?

While this does vary depending on the size of your backup job and your connection to the Internet and its use (dedicated or otherwise), it’s recommended that you have at least 1Mbps Upload Speed for every 300GB of data. Alternatively, if you have a dedicated point-to-point connection with us then you can utilize the full …


Laravel 4 – CDN Token Authentication Helper

For those of you using Laravel 4 and the Webair CDN with Token Authentication, I’ve written a handy little helper so that you can insert the tokenized CDN URL right into your templates. This will also work with other CDN providers that have Token Authentication. In app/start/global.php add app/libraries to the paths to load classes …

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A Basic Overview of the Vim Text Editor

Many articles in our Webair Community advise editing configuration files. We usually recommend using your preferred text editor. I personally prefer vim. Vim, or its older sibling vi, are installed by default on nearly every server that I come across. If you do not yet have a preferred text editor, read on to see if …

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How to Manage a Linux Server with systemd

What Operating Systems Have Adopted systemd? CentOS: Yes, by default since CentOS 7 Fedora: Yes, since the release of Fedora 15 RedHat: Yes Debian: Yes, shipped since Debian 7 as a technology preview Arch: Yes Ubuntu: Available Gentoo: Available OpenSUSE: Available Slackware: No   What About chkconfig and Other Legacy Commands? With systemd it is …

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How to Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is ideal for securing an administration interface, a member’s-only space, an intranet, webmail. etc. It is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol (over port …