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How to Enable Automatic Background Updates for WordPress Core

On WordPress 3.7+ you can help remove the stress of outdated WordPress sites that are susceptible to hacking. To do this just simply enable Automatic Background Updates. Turning on Automatic Background Updates causes WordPress to update whenever a new major or minor release is available. In some cases, a major or minor release may not …

Administration Database MySQL

How to Display MySQL Storage Engines

How to Display MySQL Storage Engines From the MySQL command line, issue the following command: SHOW ENGINES; You should receive a result similar to:   Typically the default storage engine will be set to MyISAM. This storage engine normally provides the best combination of performance and functionality, although it lacks transaction capabilities and uses table-level …


Do you work with service providers or other partners?

Yes, we have a partner program for managed service providers, solution providers and consultants to jointly go to market with you and help your customers leverage this solution. Contact us to learn more.


How do we restore data?

If you need to restore VM Disks, Files, or entire VMs, the restore process is initiated and managed through your Veeam v8 Console, same as your local restores.