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Database MySQL

Installing phpMyAdmin and connecting to remote database server

phpMyAdmin is one of the many tools that allows administrators the ability to effectively and efficiently work with their databases. This can can either be a local database or on a remote database. Where ever the location of your database, phpMyAdmin will easily allow you to connect to both.   Installing phpMyAdmin This can be done …


Lost Dynamic Linker Configuration on FreeBSD

Troubleshooting Dynamic Linker In this article we will go over how you can determine if your operating system has lost its current ELF cache. In my example I will be using a FreeBSD based system so the shared ELF library cache file is located here: /var/run/ld-elf.so.hints. This is one of the files that is affected when …

Email FreeBSD Security Tips and Tricks

Identifying malicious mail scripts on FreeBSD

This article will help you identify an possible spam scripts that may be causing unwanted outbound mail which could cause your servers ip address to be blacklisted.There are many different ways a script may get onto the server however we I will provide several different tools and methods to help identify scripts.   PHP scripts …

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SSL Certificate Installation for Courier IMAP and POP

This guide will provide you information on how to setup and configure SSL certificates for the courier IMAP mail server.   Prior to the installation you will need to purchase an SSL certificate from your domain registrar. In this example, the SSL was purchased from DomainPal. You will need the following from: Private Key File (Generated on …

Networking Windows

Adding IP’s to Windows Server 2012

This article will help you add one or more IP’s to windows server 2012.   To start, look on the bottom right of the your display to find a icon that looks like a monitor with a cable next to it:     Right click this icon and than select Open Network and Sharing Center: …