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Nmap Basic commands and review of ports,port scanners, and more.

Introduction to Nmap: Port Scans, ping sweep, and monitor for open Ports on your Local Host and/or VPS In this day and age networking is being used in almost every part of our daily lives. From wired to wireless internet and all networked devices in between has expanded outside of the PC desktop boundaries to …


Functionality of the file reading commands

While learning the how to navigate through directories and systems through terminals and command lines,one thing is certain, your ability to located ¬†exactly your looking for is essential. As we all know, files can come in smaller sizes or enormous sizes, and familiarity with your tools for reading files is essential in expediting your workflow. …

FreeBSD Security

Using Top [ $top ]

What is Top? Top provides a live display of information on the CPU processes. Top gets updated periodically as it provides an output CPU level percentage, Memory size, Swap Info, Load Averages, and more. last pid: 7771; load averages: 0.15, 0.06, 0.02 up 241+09:40:08 17:52:09 196 processes: 1 running, 195 sleeping CPU: 1.2% user, 0.0% …