Colocation: How To Ensure You’re Selecting the Right Provider [Video]

Modern technology is constantly growing, and it’s growing fast. This technological growth has led to a substantial increase in data centers across the globe. In a world flooded with data centers, picking the right partner can be a daunting process. So, how do you know how to select the colocation partner that’s right for you?

On October 16th, 2019, Webair’s Sagi Brody (CTO) and Gerard Hiner (CBO) were joined by the Open-IX Association’s Valerie Wittkop (Executive Director) for our webinar, “How to Select the Right Colocation Provider: Discerning Between Simple Data Centers and Hybrid IT Enablers.” 

Below are some of the topics that were covered during the webinar:

Types of Colocation Facilities

We’ll start off by identifying the various types of colocation facilities.

  • Wholesale/Hyperscale-focused
  • Interconnection-focused
  • Retail/Enterprise-focused
  • Retail+: Ecosystem Hybrid IT-focused
  • Niche (Geographic/Latency, Use-case HPC)

Colocation and Important Considerations for Selection

When selecting a colocation data center provider, there are various factors that need to be considered based on your organization’s unique needs. These factors include space, power & cooling, network, and location.

Space Considerations

Space is a huge factor when it comes to selecting a data center provider. For example, Let’s take a look at a retail/enterprise-focused colocation data center. There’s plenty of things that need to be considered, including whether the provider reserves the right of first refusal for allowing your organization access to the adjacent cabinet if more space is required. You should also consider the fact that “forced migration” by the provider might be built into your contract. In this type of data center, you also need to know whether you have the ability to run cross-connects between your own contiguous cabinets, whether “forced” energy, cabling, and heat distribution is a factor, security options, expandability, and more.

Power & Cooling Considerations

When choosing a provider, power and cooling considerations are extremely important. First, you have to find out the methods the provider uses for power distribution: is it a busway, a fixed circuit, is it below a raised floor? Does the provider have a true understanding of redundant power & cooling distribution, and a true understanding of maintenance potential related to power & cooling? You also want to ensure that you’re always asking the right questions based on your requirements.

Network Considerations

As you’d imagine, network considerations are as important, if not more important, than any other considerations when it comes to choosing a data center for colo. Is the provider carrier neutral (and do they state that)? Is the facility owner a network (transit/transport) provider? You also have to consider the networks within the facility versus the fiber within the facility. Does the colocation provider offer management of your infrastructure, or are you on your own?

Location Considerations

Location location location. If location matters to your business or organization, selecting a colo provider that satisfies all of your location requirements is a MUST. If you’re managing your own infrastructure, you may need your colocation provider to be close by so access your gear quickly and easily if necessary. Or maybe you need your data to be colocated to another region or country to satisfy Disaster Recovery requirements. You also need to keep in mind that while these particular factors may not be critical at the moment, they may be of importance in the future.

Remote Assistance

While having remote hands is ideal in your colocation provider, you must be sure that you know what you’re getting out of them. You need to know what these remote hands will do and what you’re responsible for. Do they have spare parts if you need it? Will they do reinstalls and hardware upgrades for you? How about troubleshooting hardware and removing hardware from cabinets?

Webair and Open-IX: Why Partner with an OIX-2 Certified Data Center?

Webair’s data centers are OIX-2 certified, adhering to all of Open-IX’s data center standards. The OIX-2 certification consists of standards including infrastructure, operational, performance & interconnection, pricing & accessibility, and more.

We chose to certify our data centers to OIX-2 data center standards because we’re dedicated to ensuring that our state-of-the-art facilities remain that way, and that our data centers exceed our clients’ expectations. What sets Open-IX’s standards apart from other certifications that data centers adhere to such as HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, and SOC 2 is that these standards were created by a group of individuals who are actually in the Internet community, thus allowing them to fully understand the necessities of those who want to colocate their servers into an off-site data center.

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