47% of enterprises choose to migrate to the cloud due to cost optimization advantages

Support Business Growth With Managed Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Businesses across the globe are embracing the cloud in order to reduce costs, enhance agility and deploy mission-critical applications. Webair’s cloud environment grows as you grow, supporting everything from a simple development to hosting resource-intensive applications. New to the cloud? Our experienced technical staff is here to guide you every step of the way, providing consultative guidance on which infrastructure and workloads are best suited for migration.

What Advantages Can Cloud Managed Services Bring Your Company?

Businesses outsourcing cloud management can increase their competitiveness and better plan for future growth. Benefits of working with a managed cloud services provider include:


  • Cost Savings

    Businesses outsourcing management tasks to managed cloud service providers save on long-term IT costs related to cloud operation and maintenance. A managed services partner takes ownership of maintaining the cloud infrastructure, negating the need to hire additional IT staff to support a growing cloud environment.

  • Security

    Managed cloud solutions enable businesses to reduce the risk of managing data and applications in the cloud with comprehensive disaster recovery and data backup and recovery capabilities. Managed cloud providers have the expertise and industry knowledge needed to identify security vulnerabilities and protect environments from malicious attacks.

  • Scalability

    Cloud service providers help businesses support cloud growth by optimizing infrastructure assets to scale up or down as business objectives shift. Managed cloud solutions ensure that companies can reliably expand their cloud environment with regular upgrades, boosting competitiveness.

  • Increased Productivity

    Outsourcing cloud management frees up internal IT resources and staff better spend on more important business objectives. Companies leveraging a dependable, managed cloud environment can minimize downtime that interrupt mission-critical tasks.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Fully managed, enterprise-grade cloud environment provides complete redundancy for compute networking and storage. Backed by enterprise SAN, Webair’s VMware Public Cloud also offers secure segmentation and control.

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Combine the agility and scalability of a public cloud with a secure private environment powered by dedicated infrastructure customized to meet your exact security, compliance and redundancy requirements.

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Benefit from capacity on-demand, ultimate redundancy and the largest economies of scale while supporting your application, backup, storage and website requirements, all delivered with the elasticity of open source technology.

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