Cloud Security: 23 predictions you need to know #tech2016

Article by Sandeep Arora   “Adoption of SDN platforms is allowing companies to connect to cloud infrastructures in a more secure and compliant manner, instead of as carve­outs to existing security policies. — Sagi Brody, Webair   “Cloud companies are struggling to balance security against availability and privacy. New innovative security methods are being developed to create this balance, but the future of Cloud Security is in the hands of data centers.” — Albert C Kelly, University of Advancing Technology   “A significant change will be the continuous monitoring of applications. There will be a shift from periodic assessments to ongoing continuous audits of an entire environment’s security and compliance status.” — Jason Ford, BlackMesh   “Visualization alone can pour fuel on the fire. Goal­oriented visualization is critical to ensure you’re using the information to solve real problems. Even problems you don’t know you have.” — PJ Kirner, Illumio   “Enterprise adoption of cloud­native infrastructure and microservices will require security controls to increasingly be built­in, automated, and capable of consistently and dynamically protecting distributed applications wherever they are deployed.” — Wei Dang, CoreOS   To read the full article in Flarrio please click here.