Building a Better World: Webair Supports Communities Across the Globe

Webair_Uganda_photoCustomers know that Webair is dedicated to providing superior cloud, colocation and managed hosting offerings, but our commitment to service goes far beyond the walls of our data centers. At Webair, we believe it’s important to give back to the communities we serve as well as those in need across the globe through volunteer efforts and fundraising. This summer, Webair CEO, Michael Orza, travelled 7,000 miles to East Africa with the non-profit volunteer organization, The Giving Circle, to assist with renovation and expansion of the Busoga Primary School in the landlocked nation of Uganda.

Dubbed the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill for its striking landscape, Uganda touches the hearts of all who visit and encounter its natural beauty as well as the kindness and hospitality of its people. Unfortunately, those who offer their help in one of country’s many struggling communities also bear witness to immeasurable suffering. Children and adults are faced with disease, famine and lack of access to education. Ugandan people rely upon the generosity of volunteers and non-profit organizations such as The Giving Circle to help their communities survive in the face of adversity.

Each year, The Giving Circle makes an annual team trip to Uganda in an effort to improve their communities through access to education, clean water, food and medical treatment. Alongside 15 other members of this organization, including The Giving Circle Founders, Mark and Kelly Bertrand, Team Leader and Founder of Busoga Primary School, Moses Wambi, and New Victory School Director, Ernest Kasami, Michael decided to volunteer his time to restore the Busoga Primary School, which serves Waikara and surrounding villages. Tearing down the termite-infested wooden structure, volunteers helped rebuild the school with three stories of brick and cement to increase its longevity. In addition, thanks to The Giving Circle, this year, the Busoga School will introduce a groundbreaking education program for deaf children. In addition to the Busoga School, The Giving Circle has established the Koi Koi House Orphanage, which is home to 15 children who are lovingly referred to as the “Koi Koi Kids.” Plans for expansion are currently underway to create room for additional children including the deaf and disabled.

Webair has been a proud supporter of The Giving Circle for more than six years, helping to fund both the Kagoma Gate food kitchen and the Busoga Primary School. While on this trip, Michael was able to see first-hand how these prior contributions improved the community, however one of the most rewarding moments during Michael’s time in Uganda was his ability to help a struggling young girl named Veronica. Veronica lived with her mother in an extremely impoverished village where many children have no access to bare essentials such as clothing and shoes. However, beyond these common hardships, Veronica faced significant pain and misfortune, having lost an arm due to severe burns sustained from a falling oil lamp. Touched by her tragic story, Michael saw this as an opportunity to change the course of Veronica’s life by securing her a highly coveted seat in the Busoga Primary School where she will receive the education necessary to rise above seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Today, Veronica is living at the Koi Koi House where she is safe, healthy and happy.

During his time in Uganda, Michael observed exceedingly scarce Internet access throughout the region, making communication difficult for the general population. In order to increase connectivity, Michael and the Webair team are currently investigating ways to enhance Internet services throughout Ugandan communities in the near future.

Please take this time to donate to The Giving Circle and help the struggling people of Uganda as well as local communities in need of assistance. As an all-volunteer organization, 98 percent of all contributions are directly applied to its programs. You can donate today by visiting

In addition, Webair supports multiple charitable foundations including St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Red Cross, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). If you would like to contribute to any of these charities, please click here.