Beyond Replication: IT Resilience Strategies & Best Practices for the Enterprise [Video]

Many modern enterprises have shifted to a hybrid IT strategy, making it increasingly difficult to implement a fully inclusive Disaster Recovery strategy. In this hybrid world, critical data and applications are now housed across an array of platforms while true resilience and compliance requirements are becoming more and more stringent.

On Wednesday, October 14th, 2020, Sagi Brody (CTO, Webair) and Deepak Verma (Director of Product Strategy, Zerto) teamed up for a webinar to discuss:

  • IT resilience strategies that satisfy the unique needs of the modern enterprise
  • Best practices that modern enterprises should follow when implementing a Disaster Recovery strategy
  • The necessary elements of a truly comprehensive DR strategy
  • How Webair leverages Zerto to deliver high-performance, customized managed Disaster Recovery solutions to global enterprise clients

We understand that architecting, deploying, and managing a custom, enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery solution can be a daunting project for your internal IT team, and that’s where Webair comes in. We offer custom-tailored Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solutions that help modern enterprises achieve true IT resilience, taking responsibility for all of the ins-and-outs such as failover, failback, testing, monitoring, runbooks, reporting, compliance, and more.

Want to learn how Webair can support your IT resilience strategy with our cloud-based Zerto Disaster Recovery solutions? Speak to a data management expert today!