Best Practices for Agile ALM

Originally posted to SD Times by Frank J. Ohlhorst,

Many may view it as a collision of ideologies, but pairing ALM with Agile practices makes a lot of sense to those who have pushed ahead in the latest application development and delivery methodologies.

Raj Mehta, president and CEO of Infosys International, an enterprise services firm, explains it best: “Most people do not realize that Agile and ALM are two different concepts that complement each other very well. Agile is all about the Agile Manifesto, which focuses on establishing practices, while ALM is all about managing lifecycles,” he said. More simply put, Agile is the how, and ALM is the why of application development.

Mehta is not alone in his observations. Sagi Brody, CIO of WebAir, a cloud services firm, said “While adopting Agile methodologies helps to accelerate application development, it is critical to think about long-term goals and how an application evolves to meet changing business needs, and that is where ALM comes into play.”

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