Advantages of High Availability Cloud Servers

The Cloud has been a buzz word in the technology world for sometime now. But what exactly does hosting on a Cloud Server mean for you and your business?  What are some of the advantages that Cloud Servers offer? If you are serious about your business you must be serious about your web hosting.   High Availability Cloud Servers provide a distinct advantage over traditional shared or dedicated server hosting by eliminating single points of failure which in turn increases your overall uptime.  Your Cloud Server can take full advantage of the high speed and reliability previously gained only with expensive dedicated enterprise storage solutions as data is stored across multiple physical SAN nodes providing maximum redundancy. Advantages of High Availability Cloud Servers:
  • You receive guaranteed Cloud Hosting resources such as CPU, memory, network bandwidth, and IOps. These resource allocations can far exceed what traditional single server solutions can provide.
  • Truly dedicated and protected resources while eliminating all single points of failure.
  • Cloud Servers are EASY to upgrade when needed and are scalable to meet your needs as your business grows.
  • Harnesses the redundancy to keep your Cloud Servers up and running without downtime!
  • Improve overall speed and load times of your websites which is increasingly important for good ranking with Google and other search engines.
Cloud computing has catapulted to a top priority as organizations push for a faster, better and more cost-effective technology delivery model.  Today, many forward-thinking businesses are using Cloud Servers to take advantage of the increased scalability, agility, automation, and efficiency that this technology can deliver. It’s time to consider how your business would benefit from the advantages of hosting on High Availability Cloud Servers.  Can you afford not to?