What is a Dedicated Server?

A question I am often asked by clients new to hosting that are evaluating their needs is: what is a dedicated server as opposed to a virtual or shared hosting account? Simply put a dedicated server is a single server at a web host that is leased by the client and is dedicated to that client only. It is not shared with other clients at all. The web host normally monitors hardware, and network equipment and connectivity. Dedicated servers are great choice for those who need greater storage space, bandwidth and flexibility than virtual hosting plans can provide.I find it important to then outline the main advantages of going with a dedicated server over a virtual plan. On a dedicated server all of the server resources are available to you and you alone. With virtual hosting plans the server resources are shared by all the hosting clients on that particular server. Dedicated server hosting plans also give you more control as well; providing clients with greater flexibility regarding software installs and admin options.

Once the basic differences are understood we then work together to find a hosting plan that best fits the clients current hosting needs with on eye on future growth and options for upgrading when needed. View our current Dedicated Server plans or Complex Hosting plans for more information.

Gerard Helton

Webair Internet Development, Inc.