3 Tips for Increasing Website Security!

Keeping your computer and website secure is paramount in today’s world. Here are 3 tips that should be included on your security checklist to help improve your protection.

1. Keep Your System Updated

You need to be sure you have the most secure operating system environment on your computer by running Windows Update (if you own a Windows-based PC) or Software Update (if you own a Mac) and installing all of the updates marked “High Priority”. Note: you may have to run the update more than once to ensure you have all the high priority updates; many of the patches require a system restart, and then additional patch installations to complete the process.

2. Check for Insecure Scripts and Coding

It’s extremely important to keep your website software up to date. Outdated software is likely to have bugs which can give a hacker access to your website. If your software is no longer maintained, it is strongly advise that you select new software that is regularly updated. If your software vendor operates a mailing list, it’s a good idea to be subscribed and stay informed. Security issues are typically announced along with a new version of the software to address the problem.

3. Prevent Viruses and Executables

Viruses, ‘Trojan’ applications, and key-logging software can all steal your login information, in addition to anything else on your computer once it has been compromised. These sorts of threats are typically brought into the system and installed by “executable” programs. An “executable” program is something you download and then you run it as its own program – as opposed to opening a file or a folder. You can tell if a program is an executable if its file name ends in EXE. You can also right-click the file and choose “Properties.” If the “File Type” says “Application,” then that file is an executable. Hackers and account thieves like to put their viruses, keyloggers, etc into executable files. Scan for viruses regularly using up to date antivirus software.

Gerard Helton

Webair Internet Development Inc.