Webair CTO Featured Panelist at Hostingcon 2013

  • June 19, 2013

Webair CTO Sagi Brody featured panelist at Hostingcon 2013 in Austin Texas http://www.hostingcon.com/account/events/schedule/#inline_324 to discuss Development Hosting.  Discussions included opportunities for setting up development hosting, and the best tools available. Developers and hosts discussed the importance of stacks, balancing development, test, stage and production sites, and handling team and source code management.   It was a great success and many participants walked away with knowledge and tools to become successful in development hosting.

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Webair Updates VSYS hosting platform

  • June 14, 2013

Webair’s VSYS hosting platform has been updated! We are happy to release an updated version of Webair’s VSYS hosting platform.  We have put a lot of testing into this updated platform and we hope that our customers will take advantage of the updated features. Here are some of the highlights of this release of Webair’s VSYS hosting platform: FreeBSD 9.1: FreebSD 9.1 improves on the stability, performance and security of FreeBSD 8.2 Apache 2.2.24: Offers a number of security updates and performance improvements MySQL 5.5.31:  Offers a number of security updates as well as performance improvements PHP 5.3.25:  The PHP […]

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