10 Reasons to Choose Webair’s Managed Cloud over AWS

In looking at the alternatives among cloud and hosted services, it’s easy to get caught up in pay-for-unit pricing plans, marketing hype and a general lack of understanding about what value cloud providers actually add to your business operations.

Webair Takes the Cloud Environment to New Heights

Webair provides a cloud environment as many others do, but with a critical twist: we offer a fully managed service that is aimed at people who want to reduce or eliminate their time in dealing with infrastructure issues, ensure their applications are running optimally and avoid increasing headcount in IT to manage it all.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) use unit pricing for compute, storage and memory that allow IT groups to purchase what they need, as they need it. Whether procuring processing power for a CPU-intensive app, spinning up and down VMs on demand and allocating storage, AWS provides many businesses with the raw infrastructure to execute their computing tasks.

So, why choose Webair over AWS?

1: Management: It’s All On Us vs. It’s All On You – As an AWS customer, you are completely responsible for managing your own cloud environment.  The entire cloud stack, from OS to application management, to load balancing, firewall, server patches, is all on you, as AWS does not offer management and monitoring.  Need to reconfigure virtual machines (VMs)?  With AWS, it’s your problem, and managing a large number of VMs can become an operational burden very quickly.  Need help with a GHOST patch?  You’re on your own.  Need to tune rules for your security stance?  Need to adjust load balancing for specific events that generate different traffic loads or for general operations? With AWS, the burden falls on you.

Who sets up the monitoring, alerts and traps? If not done properly, you may be missing specific aspects of the environment. Servers down? Disks full? VMs not spawning? If you’re not monitoring them properly, you can’t see it. If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it. When the monitoring alarms go off at 3AM, who is receiving the alarms and how are they responding?

To help eliminate these operational headaches, Webair provides a managed services environment for the entire Cloud stack, staffed 24x7x365 by engineers who understand your business and the infrastructure that is required, and acts as a true technology partner so that you can focus on your business.  We do it all, from reconfiguring VMs, to resolving system vulnerabilities, to load balancing of complex clusters and more.

2. Scalability – What happens when servers are overloaded? Amazon gives you the tools to scale, but they don’t do it for you. Webair offers a range of services that allow maximum flexibility in scaling, operating and managing your infrastructure.  We offer Bare Metal Servers, Colocation, Content Distribution Network (CDN), Load Balancing and Hybrid Cloud services to our customers to facilitate their IT expansion needs ahead of the business.  Don’t let your growth be hindered by your cloud provider.

3. CDN – Webair also offers a managed service for CDNs that can be integrated with your applications to ensure optimized distribution of your content. CDN is as much a capacity and scalability play as a speed play, and Webair can redirect company’s traffic. AWS is still do-it-yourself.  When content needs to be re-directed, load balancers adjusted, networks optimized, and the like, Webair’s managed service experts perform all these activities to give you the needed performance and results.  With AWS, your own staff would have to take the time to code and integrate all of their applications – can they do it fast enough and properly?  When they hit a wall – can they go and call somebody at AWS like they can at Webair?

4. Big Box Provider vs. True Technology Partner – AWS and other big box providers may not be able to give your business the personal touch it needs. Webair prides itself on our personal, high-touch customer service.  We are responsive and have expert staff available 24x7x365 to provide troubleshooting and quick resolution of any technical issues.  For companies wanting to focus on their core business and build on revenue-generating applications, a true technology partner such as Webair is the better choice.

5. Predictable Billing – Webair offers an extensive range of services that can be managed on a clear, straightforward and easy to understand invoice. With AWS, it’s all based on granular resources; CPU hours, memory and storage. With larger numbers of VMs and servers, understanding AWS’s billing model can be confusing.  Moreover, it can become inadvertently expensive.  For instance, if you have an errant application that is consuming resources and no one is aware, your inexpensive cloud capacity becomes a very expensive way to run the business.  Also, it is very difficult to predict usage with AWS’ billing.  Where the AWS “resource consumption” paradigm does make sense, however, is if you are coding the application from scratch and self-healing and self-scaling features.

6. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – With AWS, you don’t get a credit if multiple locations don’t go down at once. It’s complicated to code things that way. This is partly why Netflix had to rewrite their software on top of AWS.  With Webair, organizations get VMware cloud services that have no single points of failure and they are not coding their applications to self-heal.

7. Cloud Capabilities – While AWS is solely a public cloud, Webair offers the flexibility and cost of a Public Cloud, and the performance, scalability and security of a Private Cloud. Organizations can start with Webair’s Public Cloud and then migrate to a Private Cloud; or, they can choose a Hybrid Cloud service that gives them the best of both worlds in one fully managed solution. Additionally, there are cases where applications need to be on core physical boxes; that’s where Webair’s Colocation service comes in.  It’s an ecosystem that easily changes as the business changes, and Webair can provide various flavors of the Cloud.  With Webair’s “CloudPOD” offer, enterprise and service provider customers can drastically reduce time-to-service through deploying pre-configured clouds in our New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam data centers, backed by Webair’s 100% network uptime SLA.  Try doing THAT with AWS!

8. Security – With Webair, companies’ infrastructure can be segmented to whatever extent they need. Different Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) configurations can be designed. Furthermore, instead of a shared hypervisor, Webair can provide customers with their own physically separate, distinct hypervisors.  Webair’s services also provide Managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) security and firewalls.  Need a more secure connection to a branch or headquarters location?  We can set you up with your own Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) link as a Private Line service.  With AWS’ public cloud, your security features are much more limited.

9. Data Centers – Webair maintains a global network of highly secure, redundant data centers in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Montreal. At Webair, after passing through our multi-tiered security systems, customers can view the eligible areas of our Tier III, SSAE 16 and HIPAA-HITECH compliant data centers firsthand to see where their cloud infrastructure solutions are housed. AWS does not allow you this transparency.

10. Easy-to-Use Customer Portal – EZPanel is our state-of-the-art dashboard that offers customers a single pane of glass view across their entire environment. With EZPanel, our customers can easily order servers and services, change parameters, check status of tickets and work orders, view billing details, and monitor the general well being of their infrastructure., The customer portal also provides access to monitoring tools that enable customers to track performance, usage and more.

Webair’s Managed Service approach helps keep customers focused on their business, not worried about their infrastructure.  If a failure occurs in an AWS data center, who is there to help you recover?  With respect to security, who is going to help you fend off and protect against a DDOS attack?  Are you prepared to deal with the issues that emerge on an ongoing basis when managing a Cloud-centric infrastructure?

Certainly, AWS has a successful business that demonstrates the need for cheap, scalable compute power.  Webair’s experts understand your business and your application and infrastructure needs, and are there 24x7x365 to guide you in your Cloud journey.  Our fully Managed Service offer is the optimal way to provide the support you need, from Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds, wrapped in a solid security approach.  As a true technology partner, Webair is there for you for the full lifecycle of operations for your application and data center infrastructure.