HIPAA-compliant, fully managed healthcare Cloud and infrastructure solutions delivered securely with on-premise peace of mind.



Fully managed SAP Business One and SAP Private Cloud Hosting with built-in Disaster Recovery and full accountability from a single provider.



Webair takes full ownership and responsibility of your infrastructure stack so that you can stop worrying about scale and focus on your core business.


Disaster Recovery & Off-Site Backups

Safeguard and rapidly restore your mission-critical data and applications with fully managed, customized Off-site Backups and Disaster Recovery solutions.


Get the Best of Both Worlds

Webair’s deployment model enables SLA-backed Managed Cloud Services to be delivered inside customers' internal networks, and be consumed as if they were on-premises.



Webair owns and operates its own redundant IP network in each metro market, connecting to multiple Tier 1 carriers such as Level 3, NTT, and Verizon. DDoS Monitoring and Mitigation is built directly into our IP Transit product.

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Disaster Recovery - Webair Owned Tier3 Data Center

By owning multiple facilities around the globe, Webair provides full DRaaS between coasts or continents, while fully owning the entire stack, from the physical facility, to the network integration and VM replication.

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Disaster Recovery

Fully managed Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, providing RTOs and RPOs in minutes or seconds. Webair also manages all aspects of network automation, BGP failover, direct storage replication and failback.

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Off-site Backups

Backup-as-a-Service provides backups for Webair managed infrastructure as well as data stored at customer premises. Webair takes full ownership of the entire implementation, testing and restoration process.

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Managed Security

Webair's DDoS Monitoring and Mitigation are built into each of its products. Additional security services such as Managed Firewalls, WAF, IDS/IPS, VPN and APT are available. Webair also maintains a 24x7 SOC at its primary facility, NY1.

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Private Customer Networks

Webair customers receive a dedicated, private network for all communication between their VMs, the internet, and third-party party networks.

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Dedicated or Shared Hypervisors

Webair's HIPAA-compliant Public and Private Clouds are built for enterprise workloads requiring high availability. Each solution is completely redundant and can be segmented physically from other customers.

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Webair Owned Tier3 Data Center (text under main box)

Webair owns and operates the most redundant data center east of Manhattan. Additionally, Webair manages facilities in Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam.

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Customer Provisioning Portal and API

All solutions provided by Webair can be fully managed or directly accessible via Webair EZPanel Portal and APIs.

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Cloud Storage

Webair's Cloud Storage is built atop of enterprise-grade EMC or Nimble N+2 storage, accessible via iSCSI, NFS, CIFS and other protocols, and provided directly and securely into cloud or dedicated solutions.

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Colocation solutions can be provided at all Webair facilities and directly tied into any Private or Hybrid Cloud solution.

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Webair Interconnection Fabric

Webair's interconnection fabric allows customers to build virtual cross-connects between Webair services, their on-premise networks, and thousands of third-party networks, clouds and facilities.

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Public Clouds, Carrier Hotels, & Public Fabrics

Webair's interconnection fabric maintains direct, secure and redundant connectivity to all third-party clouds, carrier hotels and networks. Webair can directly connect all services to customers' existing infrastructure at all of these locations.

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Existing Customer Network & Private & Secure Direct connectivity

Webair procures and manages direct connectivity between customers' existing on-premises network and our network fabric. This allows customers to consume Webair services as if they were on-premise, securely, directly and completely segmented from the internet, all the while backed by QoS, SLA and contracts.

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February 16, 2018

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