Dedicated and Colocated Servers

Dedicated & Colocated services include:

  • Choice of Operating systems, FreeBSD, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian,CentOS, Slackware, RedHat), Windows
  • Choice of Control Panel - Webair Proprietary Control Panel, CPanel, Plesk or Direct Admin.* **
  • Ability to perform hard reboot on server from control panel
  • MRTG graphs, including 95th %
  • Bandwidth calculator to calculate usage on any time period for servers
  • Bandwidth reports, emailed weekly, including a projected usage for each month
  • Ability to add KVM to servers **
  • Connection to separate physical network for server backups

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Webair Managed Virtual, VPS, Cloud Servers, Dedicated, & Load Balanced accounts include Webair VSYS® proprietary hosting platform & Webair Control Panel with the following options:

All Managed Virtual, VPS, Dedicated, and Load Balanced accounts also include Webair VSYS and Webair Control Panel with the following features out of the box
  • Add/Modify/Remove websites and IPs to the account
  • Add/Modify/Remove email addresses, forwards and mailing lists
  • Secure Webmail access to all email accounts
  • Manage FTP users for the account, allowing access to specific websites or sub-directories
  • Add/Modify/Remove MySQL databases
  • phpMyAdmin to manage all databases
  • Manage DNS records for all domains, including expert mode to directly edit zone files
  • Manage Crontabs, simple and expert modes
  • Storage manager to view hard disk utilization
  • Security center; scan sites for weak permissions and vulnerable scripts/files
  • W usage and Aw stats web site statistics for all sites, including the ability to update stats directly via the control panel
  • One-click Wordpress installs
  • One-click ZenCart installs
  • One-click OsCommerce installs
  • Sitebuilder to automatically create a full website -- comes with a CMS/Admin panel and more than 500 templates to choose from!

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Webair EZPanel Features

All plans include the following Webair EZPanel features:

  • Manage account contacts: Add/Modify/Remove administrative, billing, and technical contacts
  • Billing center: update billing info, view/pay invoices, export invoices to PDF
  • Support center: open/update/view support tickets
  • Live chat with technicians 24/7 (dedicated/colocated/VPS)
  • Plan/Overage info to estimate future bills
  • Client discussion forum
  • Domain management and registration

PHP Extensions preinstalled

PHP Extensions preinstalled:

Zend Memory Manager , BCMath support , ctype functions, cURL support, DOM/XML, HTML Support, XPath Support XPointer Support, Schema Support, RelaxNG Support, EXIF Support , ffmpeg-php support ,Input Validation and Filtering FTP support, GD Support, FreeType Support, GIF Read Support, GIF Create Support, JPG Support, PNG Support WBMP Support, XBM Support, hash support, iconv support, json support, libXML streams, Multibyte Support Multibyte (Japanese) regex support, mcrypt support, MySQL Support, OpenSSL support, PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) Support, PDO support, PDO Driver for SQLite 3.x, Reflection, Session Support, Simplexml support Schema support, SPL support, SQLite support, Regex Library, Dynamic Library Support, Tokenizer Support XMLReader, XMLWriter, XSL, EXSLT, Zend Loader, ZLib Support

  • FFmpeg support, including ffmpeg-php and mencoder
  • Anti-hotlinking scripts
  • Jwplayer
  • Python support
  • PHP4/5 support

System tools, programs, and modules preinstalledSystem tools, programs, and modules preinstalled:

rar, unrar, unzip, zip, MySQL, memcache, curl, wget, ImageMagick, java, ruby, ffmpeg, flvtool2, rsync mcrypt, mhash. nmap. xml. libwww, openssl, DBD::MySQL. MIME::Base64. Net::DNS. Net::IP. Digest::MD5.

* Additional stand-alone control panels available
** Additional fees may apply
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