VSYS™ Virtual Hosting Plans

Our proprietary VSYS™ VIRTUAL WEB HOSTING PLATFORM offers unparalleled security and reliability in a shared hosting environment. The Webair hosting platform is a standard across our portfolio of managed services. All virtual accounts can easily be upgraded to dedicated servers, load balanced clusters, and even CDN hosting SEAMLESSLY.

* Please note, all server packages below can be designed to suit your needs.
* Please Contact Us to customize any plan configuration, or if you have any questions about our Proprietary VSYS™ Virtual Hosting Platform.

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VSYS™ Virtual Hosting Plans


A traditional host will share resources between all of the users making it increasingly difficult to secure properly. This is especially true because of the fast paced evolution of web hosting software and technologies we work with today. Our technology takes a different approach by assigning each customer their own apache instance. All apache applications and modules natively run as this distinct user, eliminating the need for complicated security and per-user or per-site configuration mechanisms. Shared or virtual hosting offers a secure, reliable and affordable way to get your website up and running instantly! All the tools you need to build/design your site are provided! You can set up an online store, blog, forum, or whatever your project may be. And it's all backed by a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Premium add-ons available on all VSYS hosting plans:

Webair Hotlink Protector

Protects files on your server from being downloaded without your consent. Whether it's protecting images, movies, or any other type of file, Webair Hotlink Protector does its job by stopping bandwidth thieves and saving you money.

CDN Site

Webair’s Advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides instant replication to put your content where it needs to be at the very moment it is uploaded, modified or deleted. This allows you to deliver faster performance to more of your online customers around the world. Now you can distribute media faster without moving your servers or having to make complex code changes. Webair CDN can be activated and your content ready for distribution to your customers within minutes! This integration requires NO CHANGES to your HTML and NO CHANGES to your hosting account. And it's all managed right from your Webair Control Panel.

cPanel/Plesk Control Panels

Control Panel Software for Hosting -- an innovative new product designed to make web server management easier for everyone.


ProxyPass leads the industry in securing Apache servers against brute-force password cracking attacks and password-sharing violations. Designed to defend both single Apache installations and load-balanced clusters of machines, the ProxyPass is the only time-tested, enterprise-class solution that puts an end to single-source, distributed, and proxy-based password cracking.

Switchport redundant link

Redundant link for dedicated IP access

Juniper SSG Hardware Firewalls

Fully managed firewall solution with web based controls.

Webair Cloud Storage

Webair Cloud Storage provides clients with the ultimate in managed storage solutions. Fully redundant, secure and scalable, it includes built in backups/snapshots with the ability to grow to any size you need!

Webair Backup Services

Webair offers a complete offsite backup solution as well customized Disaster Recovery plans including remote location website failover and disaster recovery seats to protect your data. We even provide emergency office space that is completely outfitted and ready for immediate use in the event of a disaster.

Fully Managed Load Balancing

Take your dedicated server to the next level! Redundant load balancers distribute load across multiple servers preventing downtime and allowing for unlimited growth!

Personalized Name Servers

Your own DNS servers with administrative access. (ns/ns2.yourname.com)

Wowza Media

Flash Streaming Made EASY! With WowzaMedia Server anyone can now offer their clients live and on-demand Flash FLV and H.264 video streaming, interactive audio/video/text chat, remote recording and more! This opens the door to media streaming for anyone who has their own dedicated server because Webair clients can easily integrate Wowza into their own sites regardless of their operating system.

SSL Certificates

Build users’ trust with an SSL Digital Certificate for your website. The SSL certificate assures information is kept private between your web server and your client’s web browsers.


Determine which country, region or city visitors to your site are coming from and whether their IP address is an anonymous proxy. This information can be used to provide customized content and targeted ads or to block specific countries and IP blocks from accessing your sites.

Organic SEO Service

Webair can help optimize the search rankings for your website! Organic SEO Marketing includes keyword analysis for targeted keywords/phrases, analysis of HTML and page design structure, analysis of site linking structure and recommendations for necessary modifications to page text for achieving improved search engine placement.
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