Introducing Protocloud !

Webair's ProtoCloud is an Infrastructure as a Service cloud solution with a powerful service management console that enables you to focus on your business. Designed around industry standard best practices and security, ProtoCloud provides a robust computing platform that delivers on performance, convenience and reliability. Webair’s Tier 1 network allows for blazing fast connectivity to the Internet to meet all your web hosting requirements.

High Performance

Protocloud is built on modular, high performance, Dell Hyperscale Computing servers running Xen hypervisors tuned for performance. Highly available, enterprise grade SAN backend datastores provide reliable and consistent performance.


Sign up with an estimated usage amount. Pay only for what you use! Utility based billing model ensures most value for money. Unlike traditional hosting models, businesses do not have to worry about paying for unused or underutilized resources.

API integration

Take control of your cloud deployment by making use of our simple, feature rich and RESTful API. ProtoCloud can be easily integrated into your applications for lower TCO and quicker turnaround time.


Protocloud allows virtual machines to easily scale up or scale out based on application requirements. Ideal feature to tackle unexpected bursts in web traffic or big data requirements.

Convenient Management Interface

Console Access to VMs

Per VM firewall

Choice of Linux and Windows

Powerful API

Estimate your cost:

vCPU Amount: vCPU to vCPU

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RAM Amount: MB to MB

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Storage Amount: GB to GB

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Hourly Cost:* $0.00

* Please note that these figures are an estimate based on maximum monthly usage. Actual costs my vary based on usage and can be lower.
The Webair Advantage

Extensible Hybrid Configuration

Webair's clients have the option to interconnect servers on ProtoCloud with other dedicated or virtual servers at Webair via a secure high speed internal network. This allows for maximum flexibility and enables clients to configure their application for maximum value and make use of other great Webair services such as Cloud Storage. Learn more about our hybrid cloud solutions at http://www.webair.com/solutions-hybrid-cloud.html .

EZPanel Integration

Protocloud integrates seamlessly with EZPanel, Webair's popular control panel. Customers can conveniently manage all hosting resources from the same friendly and easy to use interface. Webair's existing customers can easily sign up for a ProtoCloud account from EZPanel with the click of a button. New customers can sign up for ProtoCloud and easily add additional services to their plan from within EZPanel.

Instant Deployment

Webair's ProtoCloud enables quick provisioning of virtual machines from a choice of popular Linux and Windows templates instantly from a self service portal. With FreeBSD support coming soon, customers can easily provision, configure, monitor and manage resources from the same portal. Furthermore, customers can customize distributions to their specifications and save the "GOLD" image as a template for future provisioning at no additional cost!.

Global Presence

With datacenters in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam, Webair continues to grow while leading the way with cutting edge technology and exemplary customer service. Our multiple state of the art datacenters are equipped with the very latest technology and maintained by our expert engineers to ensure maximum stability, security and uptime for our clients. Learn more at http://www.webair.com/about-us-datacenters.html


Webair's Server Genius™ Support is made possible by our core of intelligent, highly trained, and dedicated team of technical engineers that always go above and beyond to support our diverse and growing client base. Combined with our industry leading web based control panel, highly-secure network architecture and personalized level of service, Webair Server Genius™ Support lets you focus on success... not your hosting.

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