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Webair's Fusion-io Servers provide the fastest I/O disk performance PERIOD. In addition to the advantages of Webair's Dedicated Servers each server includes a Fusion-io card guaranteed to deliver 150,000 IOP/s. Consolidate complex multi-server clusters into 1 powerful server able to scale to speeds faster than THOUSANDS of traditional disk drives!

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CLICK HERE to contact our sales team and customize your own Fusion-io servers with any combination of CPU, Memory, Disk, and Bandwidth you require.

Webair Fusion-io Technology

Traditional approaches to dealing with I/O intensive applications have been to create large multiple server clusters and scale horizontally. While this solution works, it adds management overhead, configuration complexities, and additional points of failure. Webair's Fusion-io servers provide the best of both worlds! Physical servers with INSANE disk speeds that still provide all of the functionality of traditional hardware. The Fusion-io drive presents itself as an additional physical disk for ease of use. ALL existing applications and all standard operating systems (Windows/Linux/BSD) are compatible with Fusion-io servers. Servers can be provisioned as either fully managed or self managed.

Fusion-io ioDrive

Webair's Fusion-io Servers can deliver faster disk speeds than almost 50 SSD hard disks combined. Fusion-io Servers can configured with any traditional disk configuration such as SATA/SAS/SSD RAID1/5/10. Fusion-io cards are added to provide a tiered extremely fast storage layer. Up to 4 Fusion-io cards can be added per server to allow for RAID protection and even faster read times. Cards are monitored via SNMP to ensure proper functionality and performance.

Speed Comparison:

Each Fusion-io Server Includes:

INDUSTRY STANDARD SOFTWARE STACK - Click here to see the long list of all pre-installed software and features available.

FULLY MANAGED SERVER - Fully Managed or Self Managed, your choice! Click here to see all of the features included with our fully managed servers!

DEDICATED Fusion-io CARD - with speeds up to 150,000 IOP/s. Faster speeds and multiple card configurations with RAID available. Fusion-io cards can easily moved between physical servers as physical hardware is upgraded.

DEDICATED NETWORK - 100Mbps, 1Gbps, or 10Gbps Internet connectivity and private VLAN. Multiple IPv4 and IPv6 subnets available. Private internal VLANs to other dedicated servers as well as cloud servers in Webair's data centers

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS - Select from eith New York, Los Angels, Amsterdam, or Montreal!

SCALABILITY - Easily add Webair Cloud storage to your server to allow for unlimited storage growth. Enable Webair one-click CDN to offload static file requests from your server. Upgrade the server from a single machine to a load balanced cluster without having to change any configuration files or IP Addresses!

Perfect for your resource intensive applications:

  • Large database servers No need to setup complex multi-server database cluster.
  • Video Encoding Simultaneously encode multiple videos without reaching disk limitations.
  • Big Data Analytics Seek and read data faster and keep your data in the cloud.
  • Web Servers Never worry about spikes in traffic again and replace multiple load balanced physical servers with single instances. Perfect for custom CDN nodes.

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