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Our MULTIPLE Tier 4 datacenter locations offer redundant power, redundant bandwidth, superior connectivity & network architecture. Backed by our AWARD WINNING team of highly experienced technical communications and facilities staff, Webair is the premier choice for colocation and data center solutions!

AT WEBAIR we build & maintain our own data centers with one objective -- MAXIMUM UPTIME! Our facilities are built on a foundation of industry leading equipment and superior preventative maintenance programs. NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA, MONTREAL, & AMSTERDAM, NL.

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WEBAIR.COM is the clear choice for your colocation needs!

*Ask us About our colocation price match guarantee!
*Ask us About High bandwidth - High usage discounts!

If you require a custom or complex MANAGED colocation solution please CONTACT US or call 1.866.WEBAIR1 to speak to a sales representative today!

Network Specifications:

  • FREE 24 port gigabit switch
  • Colocation bandwidth discounts
  • Full Cisco-based network & routing
  • Environmental monitoring systems to maintain temperature & humidity
  • Multi-homed, fully redundant network
  • Fiber-based multi-GB connectivity
  • 24 x 7 onsite staff, with colocated remote hands service available
  • Multiple redundant backup power supplies
  • Console access to server
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU) access - control machine power remotely
  • Energen gas-based fire suppression system
  • Diverse paths to multiple providers using SONET technology
  • Redundant 10 GB connections to multiple Tier 1 providers
  • Separate HVAC cooling zones, with over 140 metric tons of cooling
  • Over 150 GB usable bandwidth

Webair owns and operates its very own dedicated network!

Webair.com has provided COLOCATED WEB HOSTING as a core service since 1996. Our dedicated team of professional technicians can help with any of your remote service needs. With our technical expertise, datacenter redundancy, and state-of-the-art network architecture, we take colocation to the next level.

Our dedicated network, owned and operated by Webair.com, pushes 50gbps through multiple Internet providers for maximum redundancy. We maintain our own dark fiber ring through multiple dark fiber exchanges, enabling us to bring additional network capacity online in case of failure.

Our datacenter building boasts 12,000 square feet of usable server space on an 18" raised floor. Contracts with multiple fuel providers guarantee that we always have 11,000 gallons of fuel on hand to power the facility for up to two weeks at full load, even during a natural disaster.

Our building management system closely monitors all power and environmental conditions. We measure temperature, floor pressure, and humidity every 10 minutes, with results displayed on an overhead map. All equipment receives double maintenance at the hands of our crack staff.

Our 24/7 secured facility keeps your data and equipment safe. Access to the building is strictly limited to authorized personnel through fingerprint biometrics. All visitors must be escorted at all times by an employee. A mantrap at entry and exit prevents unauthorized transferring of credentials.

Our hardware inventory control ensures that no equipment enters or leaves the building without prior authorization. All personnel and visitors are weighed at entry and exit, and detained if there is any discrepancy.

Our technical personnel are highly trained, award winning professionals who must pass strenuous technical and psychological evaluations prior to employment. Our rigorous in-house training program guarantees that our staff stays up to date on the latest technology.

Our electrical system is fully N+1 redundant with multiple A and B power feeds to each cabinet, and K-rated Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to handle the additional heat of harmonic currents. Our bus duct electrical architecture means that, regardless of density, we can drop any outlet into any location in under 10 minutes – without an electrician present. Our state-of-the-art energy management system monitors power usage effectiveness (PUE), and routinely compares external against internal temperatures to ensure that electrical overhead is kept to a minimum.

Our UPS systems all feature fully redundant, maximum capacity battery cabinets running the latest software. With some providers, if a battery cell opens, the UPS unit fails. With our UPS cabinets, the redundant battery string will keep your critical load powered at reduced runtime until generator power kicks in.

Our PDUs employ Static Transfer Switches to transfer load without interruption to another unit should a unit fail. Every unit is exercised weekly, and we run full voltage and current tests regularly on every battery.

Our parallel generator farm is fully redundant. Each generator is rigorously tested three times a week, and subjected to a monthly visual inspection. All engine parameters are subjected to weekly load testing. All tests are performed with a qualified generator mechanic present to ensure that any problems are repaired immediately.

Generator oil is replaced once every three months (or subsequent to a power outage), and the old oil chemically tested to identify any mechanical problems. In the rare event that multiple generators fail, our load shed panel will drop mechanical loads (such as air conditioning systems) to keep everything running smoothly.

Our mechanical system is N+2 redundant with more than 140 metric tons of available cooling capacity. We do not use a consolidated glycol loop for any of our systems. A direct connection is run with redundant pump sets from each Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) to the dry coolers on the roof. Capable of sustaining multiple fan failures and still operating within design specifications, our dry coolers set an unmatched level of reliability.

Free add-ons available on all dedicated hosting servers:

Qmail Mail Server

Full Mail server with web based control panel management. Applicable if you require your own mailserver(s).

Root Access

Full Root access to server

Premium add-ons available on all dedicated hosting servers:

Webair Hotlink Protector

Protects files on your server from being downloaded without your consent. Whether it's protecting images, movies, or any other type of file, Webair Hotlink Protector does its job by stopping bandwidth thieves and saving you money.

CDN Site

Webair’s Advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides instant replication to put your content where it needs to be at the very moment it is uploaded, modified or deleted. This allows you to deliver faster performance to more of your online customers around the world. Now you can distribute media faster without moving your servers or having to make complex code changes. Webair CDN can be activated and your content ready for distribution to your customers within minutes! This integration requires NO CHANGES to your HTML and NO CHANGES to your hosting account. And it's all managed right from your Webair Control Panel.

cPanel/Plesk Control Panels

Control Panel Software for Hosting -- an innovative new product designed to make web server management easier for everyone.


ProxyPass leads the industry in securing Apache servers against brute-force password cracking attacks and password-sharing violations. Designed to defend both single Apache installations and load-balanced clusters of machines, the ProxyPass is the only time-tested, enterprise-class solution that puts an end to single-source, distributed, and proxy-based password cracking.

Switchport redundant link

Redundant link for dedicated IP access

Juniper SSG Hardware Firewalls

Fully managed firewall solution with web based controls.

Webair Cloud Storage

Webair Cloud Storage provides clients with the ultimate in managed storage solutions. Fully redundant, secure and scalable, it includes built in backups/snapshots with the ability to grow to any size you need!

Webair Backup Services

Webair offers a complete offsite backup solution as well customized Disaster Recovery plans including remote location website failover and disaster recovery seats to protect your data. We even provide emergency office space that is completely outfitted and ready for immediate use in the event of a disaster.

Fully Managed Load Balancing

Take your dedicated server to the next level! Redundant load balancers distribute load across multiple servers preventing downtime and allowing for unlimited growth!

Personalized Name Servers

Your own DNS servers with administrative access. (ns/ns2.yourname.com)

Wowza Media

Flash Streaming Made EASY! With WowzaMedia Server anyone can now offer their clients live and on-demand Flash FLV and H.264 video streaming, interactive audio/video/text chat, remote recording and more! This opens the door to media streaming for anyone who has their own dedicated server because Webair clients can easily integrate Wowza into their own sites regardless of their operating system.

SSL Certificates

Build users’ trust with an SSL Digital Certificate for your website. The SSL certificate assures information is kept private between your web server and your client’s web browsers.


Determine which country, region or city visitors to your site are coming from and whether their IP address is an anonymous proxy. This information can be used to provide customized content and targeted ads or to block specific countries and IP blocks from accessing your sites.

Organic SEO Service

Webair can help optimize the search rankings for your website! Organic SEO Marketing includes keyword analysis for targeted keywords/phrases, analysis of HTML and page design structure, analysis of site linking structure and recommendations for necessary modifications to page text for achieving improved search engine placement.
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