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WEBAIR CLOUD STORAGE provides clients with the ultimate in managed storage solutions! Fully secure, redundant and scalable -- with built in backups/snapshots and the ability to grow to any size you need!

Webair's cloud storage is a service built around a scalable cluster of storage nodes. Data is stored on all nodes and duplicated many times over across the cluster to provide extremely high speed, redundancy, and data protection.

Webair's cloud storage architecture was designed and developed to specifically address the needs of storing, managing and accessing file-based data and other digital content. The cloud storage products enable businesses to create a single, shared pool of storage that can modularly scale to more than 2.3 petabytes of capacity and deliver data throughput of up to 20 GB/second, achieving the type of industry-leading capacity and performance required by next generation enterprise data centers. Each modular, self-contained node contains disk capacity along with a powerful storage server, CPU, memory and network connectivity. As additional nodes are added to a cluster, all aspects of the cluster scale linearly, including capacity, throughput, memory and CPU processing power. Nodes automatically work together, harnessing their collective power into a single unified storage system.

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What are the benefits of Webair's Cloud Storage?

Pay for what you use

Pay Only For What You Use

With Webair's Cloud Storage you only pay for the actual storage you are using. You don't have to pay for any file servers or for hard drives that sit empty until they are needed.
Built-in backups

Built-In Backups

Stop paying for that extra backup drive in your server or for dedicated backup servers! Webair's Cloud Storage service includes built-in snapshots that you can access directly. A snapshot is an exact replica of what your data looked like at a previous point in time. By default, Webair takes DAILY snapshots and retains them for seven days. You can access any snapshot via FTP/SSH/RSYNC so you can easily view what files/directories looked like a up to a week ago and seamlessly copy data from a snapshot to your live directories using any FTP, SSH, or RSYNC. Since you access the snapshots the same way you access your other data, you have the power to restore data from snapshots instantly and without having to wait for the data to extract from a tar file, zip file, tape or an external backup server. You can customize the number of snapshots and their retention level at no additional cost. Your snapshot data is also secure - data stored in the snapshots directory is only made publicly-accessible when copied out of the snapshots directory.


Data is stored across multiple nodes each with multiple drives. Requests are balanced between all these drives, eliminating the bottlenecks associated with 1 hard drive or even 15 drives. On Webair's Cloud Storage, your data is guaranteed to be served from at least 100 physical hard drives, dramatically improving the speed at which it's delivered.
Seamless scalability

Seamless Scalability

Use as much storage as needed and scale at your own pace. Keep adding data to the service without having to upgrade or make account changes. Over **100TB** of data can be used on the smallest package without having to notify Webair. You won't have to deal with having servers taken down to add hard drives, storage arrays, storage controllers or any other component. The size of the partition will grow on the fly so you'll never have to worry about a disk being full again! The service is mounted onto any server as if it were a local drive and data is written/read from it in the same way. But unlike a physical drive, the service allows you to tap into unlimited scalability and growth while reducing growing pains.
Reduce points of failure

Reduce Points Of Failure

Never again deal with a dead hard drive or downtime from a RAID array rebuild! Your important data is saved across our cluster nodes multiple times. Since Webair manages and maintains the cluster you never have to worry about site downtime from missing content or faulty storage hardware. Should a drive or multiple drives in the cluster fail, there is NO loss of service to you and NO chance of data loss. Let Webair manage the storage so you can run your business.
Fewer servers

Fewer Servers

No additional servers are required!
There's no need to store data on multiple file servers because of hard drive or server limitations. Webair's Cloud Storage replaces the need for one or many NAS/content/storage servers. This reduces the total number of servers a client has to lease, manage and power -- which reduces costs while enabling a greener hosting environment.

Who can benefit from the service and how?

If you would like to reduce the load on your existing servers...

Reduce loadBy using Webair's Cloud storage, you can move all the file I/O load to our cluster. This will greatly reduce the overall system load of your server and will greatly INCREASE the amount of traffic and capacity your server will support. Breathe new life into a server no matter how old and regardless of its hardware specs. This is also a great UPGRADE for client whose servers are reaching their limits. Copying your data to the cloud storage service is seamless and will work exactly the same way your data works on its drives today.

If you have a load balanced cluster with NAS/content servers...

Load balanced clusterWebair's Cloud storage service can seamlessly provide content to your web servers! Reduce single points of failure associated with only having one content server, never worry about having to add drives to your cluster and stop paying for multiple content servers as your storage needs increase.

If you have servers at other hosts but want to increase your data protection and backup capability...

Data protectionUtilize Webair's Cloud storage anywhere -- regardless of where your servers are located! Easily configure scripts to sync your data SECURELY and ENCRYPTED with our storage system so that you can use it as a method to keep off-site backups and maintain daily/weekly/monthly/yearly snapshots. If you ever need to retrieve the data you can instantly access it from the same server as if it were just another directory, or mount it on a new server at any location and begin restoring your files. No need to wait for zip files or tapes to extract. Webair's Cloud Storage service works with ALL major backup platforms as well as customized scripts that utilize RSYNC or FTP.

If you have existing dedicated servers but are running out of space...

Dedicated diskThere is no longer a need to add any more drives to your server! By simply mounting Webair's Cloud storage onto your server you have access to virtually unlimited amounts of storage!

If you have existing dedicated servers and want to better protect your data...

Dedicated cloud driveBy simply mounting Webair's Cloud storage onto your server you can copy all your data to it and run it live from there. Never again will you have to worry about your server's drives failing or having to deal with a lengthy restore. Have instant access to multiple backups and snapshots!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn't my server still need hard drives even if I wanted to store all my content on this service? Isn't there still some risk associated with those drives?

Yes, your server still needs drives from which to boot its operating system. We therefore recommend using RAID1 on the boot drives to further reduce the likelihood of any service interruption. Since no actual content is being stored on these drives, cheaper, smaller drives such as SATA can be used to further reduce server costs.
If you want to use Cloud Storage on a server with only one drive you will greatly improve the time it takes to restore after any hard drive crash. The only thing that needs to be reinstalled is the operating system, along with any other customizations made to your server's configuration. Your terabytes of content will be immediately available once the cloud mount is re-mounted to your server.

Does the Webair Cloud Storage Service replace my dedicated server?

No, Cloud Storage simply replaces the data storage aspect of your server. Instead of your content being saved on the server's local hard drives, they're now saved on our cluster. You still need your server to serve the actual content and process your web requests.

Can I use the Webair Cloud Storage service to serve content to my web clusters located at other hosts?

Yes, you can. The only downside to this configuration is the added lag between your server and the cluster. Depending on the physical location of your server this may be minimal. If the content you're serving is relatively static, Webair's CDN product may be a better fit.
You may also have large amounts of data that are NOT regularly needed but require a storage solution where that data can be accessed quickly. In that case you can store your most popular data on your server and the rest on the cluster. The cluster can be mounted on your server in a way that no technical changes need to be made to any of your existing software so you can access the data as if it was on its local drive.

Do I pay for the traffic between my servers and the Webair Cloud Storage service?

If your servers are hosted with Webair, your servers communicate with the cloud storage cluster via a private gigabit network/VLAN between your servers and the cluster. In this scenario, you are not charged for any traffic between the server and the cluster.

Webair Cloud Storage includes

  • 100% Guaranteed Service Level Agreement
  • 24x7 Customer Support Team
  • Dual Gigabit links to Cloud Storage cluster
  • Direct access to the Cloud via SSH/FTP/RSYNC/HTTP/NFS/CIFS
  • Built-in snapshots with direct access
  • Access the storage securely from anywhere in the world
  • Ultra-scalable configuration -- Keep adding terabytes of storage as needed
  • Large storage solutions available (up to 1152 TB)
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