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With our High Availability Managed Dedicated Cloud Server Solutions - You receive guaranteed cloud hosting resources such as CPU, memory, network bandwidth, and IOps. Unlike a traditional VPS (virtual private server), the WEBAIR DEDICATED CLOUD SERVER SOLUTIONS offer truly dedicated and protected resources while eliminating all single points of failure. Additionally, you have the ability for your CPU allocation to burst when there are free CPU cycles on the host machine. So often you end up with far more CPU allocation than what you are paying for!

* Please note, all server packages below can be designed to suit your needs.
* Contact Us to customize any server configuration, or if you have any questions about our Cloud Server hosting services.

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CLOUD SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE - Each Cloud host utilizes cutting edge server technology featuring dual hexacore processors, hundreds of gigabytes of ram, redundant PSUs and RAID controllers.

HA SAN DISK - Your data is stored on a fault tolerant high performance enterprise SAN. Your cloud server can take full advantage of the high speed and reliability previously gained only with expensive dedicated enterprise storage solutions. Your Cloud server's data is stored across multiple physical SAN nodes providing maximum redundancy.

HIGH AVAILABILITY - Our cloud computing infrastructure harnesses the fault tolerance of enterprise grade hypervisors to keep your cloud servers up and running without downtime! There are no single points of failure with our cloud hosting infrastructure!

DISTRIBUTED RESOURCE ENVIRONMENT - Distributed resource scheduling dynamically analyzes and adjusts computing workloads for each host to ensure that our servers are never overloaded!

UPGRADEABLE TO ADDITIONAL vCPUs - Our Cloud servers allow your computing workload to be executed in parallel across multiple VCPU cores.

GUARANTEED/LIMITED MEMORY - Our Cloud servers include minimum guaranteed resources to make sure capacity is not oversold.

INSTANTLY UPGRADEABLE TO HIGHER PLAN - One click upgrades allow you to change plans with the click of a button and a reboot of your cloud server.

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* Free control panel available for Cloud Server instances running Webair FreeBSD.
cPanel and Plesk licenses for Linux Cloud instances are available for an additional fee.

WEBAIR Cloud Hosting Technology

Webair's Dedicated Cloud Server Platform is built with brand new, cutting edge hardware, implementing industry standard best practices for performance, security, scalability and fault tolerance. Our design completely eliminates all single points of failure and at the same time guarantees resource availability when you need it most. Each Host is connected to redundant 10Gig network uplinks which balance load and traffic across multiple network interfaces within the host. Webair's storage platform consists of multiple high performance, high capacity Enterprise SAN nodes which communicate via industry leading, top-of-the-line, 8Gig Fiber Channel technology providing the ability to quickly scale for performance, storage and availability on demand.

Webair Cloud Server Solutions

WEBAIR Dedicated Cloud Server web hosting solutions are a great way to leverage all the advantages of cloud storage technology, combined with the cost effective benefits of virtualization. You receive guaranteed resources such as CPU, memory, network bandwidth and IOps. Additionally, we provide the ability for your CPU allocation to burst when there are free CPU cycles on the host machine. So often you end up with far more CPU cycles than what you are paying for!. Your server is located in an environment which automatically places it on a host that is optimal for it functioning and guarantees resource and data availability.

The WEBAIR Dedicated Cloud Server is the perfect choice for smart clients looking for an affordable solution designed for websites that demand great performance, security, continuous uptime and an option to scale with zero or minimal downtime. Each Dedicated Cloud Server instance is designed for maximum performance and fast deployment. You can order for a Server and be up and running in a matter of minutes!! Now you can easy monitor, manage and scale resources to match your needs. Each Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting plan includes a FREE control panel*, FREE e-commerce software, unlimited e-mail, and best of all our INDUSTRY LEADING, round the clock, Ticket, Live Chat and Phone support for FREE!!

Webair is Leading the Way

Webair's Cloud computing has catapulted to priority number 1 as organizations push for a faster, better and more cost-effective technology delivery model. Today, many forward-thinking enterprises are using cloud environments to take advantage of the increased scalability, agility, automation, and efficiency that this technology can deliver. Webair, is at the forefront of this movement!

Experience the Webair Cloud Difference:

Compare Cloud Hosting Standard VPSWebair Cloud
Supports Windows/Linux/BSDYesYes
SSH/Root accessYesYes
Private network between Cloud ServersYesYes
VPS is hosted across multiple physical serversNoYes
VPS utilizes Cloud StorageNoYes
VPS storage is scalable to 100+TBNoYes
VPS has no single points of failureNoYes
Ability to perform hard reboot on serverNoYes
MRTG graphs for virtual interfacesNoYes
Includes built-in snapshotsNoYes
24/7 Technical Support??Yes
Ability to convert image of Cloud to physical Cloud server at later dateNoYes

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Add-ons available on all CLOUD Web Hosting plans:

Qmail Mail Server

Full Mail server with web based control panel management. Applicable if you require your own mailserver(s).

Root Access

Full Root access to server

Webair Hotlink Protector

Protects files on your server from being downloaded without your consent. Whether it's protecting images, movies, or any other type of file, Webair Hotlink Protector does its job by stopping bandwidth thieves and saving you money.

CDN Site

cPanel/Plesk Control Panels

Control Panel Software for Hosting -- an innovative new product designed to make web server management easier for everyone.


ProxyPass leads the industry in securing Apache servers against brute-force password cracking attacks and password-sharing violations. Designed to defend both single Apache installations and load-balanced clusters of machines, the ProxyPass is the only time-tested, enterprise-class solution that puts an end to single-source, distributed, and proxy-based password cracking.

Switchport redundant link

Redundant link for dedicated IP access

Juniper SSG Hardware Firewalls

Fully managed firewall solution with web based controls.

Webair Cloud Storage

Webair Cloud Storage provides clients with the ultimate in managed storage solutions. Fully redundant, secure and scalable, it includes built in backups/snapshots with the ability to grow to any size you need!

Webair Backup Services

Webair offers a complete offsite backup solution as well customized Disaster Recovery plans including remote location website failover and disaster recovery seats to protect your data. We even provide emergency office space that is completely outfitted and ready for immediate use in the event of a disaster.

Fully Managed Load Balancing

Take your dedicated server to the next level! Redundant load balancers distribute load across multiple servers preventing downtime and allowing for unlimited growth!

Personalized Name Servers

Your own DNS servers with administrative access. (ns/ns2.yourname.com)

Wowza Media

Flash Streaming Made EASY! With WowzaMedia Server anyone can now offer their clients live and on-demand Flash FLV and H.264 video streaming, interactive audio/video/text chat, remote recording and more! This opens the door to media streaming for anyone who has their own dedicated server because Webair clients can easily integrate Wowza into their own sites regardless of their operating system.

SSL Certificates

Build users' trust with an SSL Digital Certificate for your website. The SSL certificate assures information is kept private between your web server and your client's web browsers.


Determine which country, region or city visitors to your site are coming from and whether their IP address is an anonymous proxy. This information can be used to provide customized content and targeted ads or to block specific countries and IP blocks from accessing your sites.

Organic SEO Service

Webair can help optimize the search rankings for your website! Organic SEO Marketing includes keyword analysis for targeted keywords/phrases, analysis of HTML and page design structure, analysis of site linking structure and recommendations for necessary modifications to page text for achieving improved search engine placement.
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