Webair FusionCloud

Webair's FusionCloud servers provide the fastest disk speeds available in the Cloud PERIOD. In addition to the advantages of Webair's cloud servers such as hardware, network, and disk redundancy, each FusionCloud server includes a Fusion-io volume guaranteed to deliver 10,000 IOP/s. Other cloud services include no more than 100 IOP/s which are not suitable for resource intensive applications such as database servers, video encoding, big data analytics, and industrial content delivery.

CLICK HERE to contact our sales team and customize your own FusionCloud servers with any combination of CPU, Memory, Disk, and Bandwidth you require.

Webair FusionCloud Technology

Traditional approaches to dealing with I/O intensive applications in the cloud have been to create multiple server instances and scale applications across them. While this solution works, it often discourages clients from moving off physical hardware because of the immense technical complexity required to manage such an environment.

Fusion-io ioDrive

Webair's FusionCloud servers not only provide speeds faster than other cloud providers, but also those of large and powerful physical servers. One Webair FusionCloud server can deliver faster disk speeds than almost 50 SSD hard disks combined. Additionally Webair FusionCloud servers can be quickly upgraded to 8 CPUs, 144GB of memory, 10TB of Cloud Storage, and multiple Fusion-io disk slices can be added. Webair FusionCloud servers are compatible with Linux, Windows, and BSD operating systems as either Managed or Self managed plans.

Each FusionCloud Server Includes:

HIGH AVAILABILITY - Our cloud computing infrastructure harnesses the fault tolerance of enterprise grade hypervisors to keep your cloud servers up and running without downtime! Redundancy between physical nodes, SAN disks, and network switches & routers!

DEDICATED Fusion-io SLICE - with speeds up to 10,000 IOP/s. Faster speeds and larger slices are available. Multiple slices can be provisioned between physical Fusion-io cards to allow for software RAID-1 configurations to achieve card redundancy.

INDUSTRY STANDARD SOFTWARE STACK - Click here to see the long list of all pre-installed software and features available

DEDICATED GIGABIT NETWORK - 1Gbps Internet connectivity and private VLAN. Multiple IPv4 and IPv6 subnets available. Private internal VLANs to other cloud servers as well as physical servers in Webair's data centers

GUARANTEED/LIMITED MEMORY - Our Cloud servers include minimum guaranteed resources to make sure capacity is not oversold.

INSTANTLY UPGRADEABLE TO HIGHER PLAN - One click upgrades allow you to change plans with the click of a button and a reboot of your cloud server.

Perfect for your resource intensive applications:

  • Large database servers No need to setup complex multi-server database cluster. Scale up to 8 CPUs, 144GB of ram, and 10K IOP/s. Perfect for database servers.
  • Video Encoding Simultaneously encode multiple videos without reaching disk limitations.
  • Big Data Analytics Seek and read data faster and keep your data in the cloud.
  • Web Servers Never worry about spikes in traffic again and replace multiple load balanced physical servers with single instances. Perfect for custom CDN nodes.

Fusion-io Case Studies

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