Webair Advanced CDN Network

CDN Network

The WEBAIR GLOBAL CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK (CDN) gives you access to the most advanced network in the industry!

We have eliminated unnecessary routing layers that existed to solve outdated problems that don't exist with new technology, but are still used by other providers. Our CDN technology provides unparalleled throughput and responsiveness -- video plays smoothly without stalling or choppiness;,audio files start instantly, as if they were on your hard drive and software downloads are lightning fast and achieve high completion rates.

Our 100% uptime SLA global network and nearly instant replication put your content where it needs to be from the moment it's uploaded, modified or deleted. This allows you to deliver faster performance to more of your online customers around the world. Now you can distribute media faster without having to move your servers!

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Webair Content Delivery

High performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) perfects the delivery of digital media - videos, music, games and downloads. Optimized for digital media, Webair's distributed delivery network provides the most reliable global delivery of digital media, regardless of audience demand. Webair CDN ensures quality delivery by enabling content providers to place their entire media library in the CDN environment, where it is available for direct global distribution to broadband
and mobile audiences. Content is delivered without complex code changes to the original server and integration is fast so content providers can be up and running in minutes! This great new service is available to all WEBAIR.COM hosting clients.

    Webair CDN
  • 100% Guaranteed Service Level Agreement
  • 24x7 Customer Support Team
  • 24x7 Network Operations Center
  • Networks Web Reporting Package
  • The WEBAIR CDN network is designed and built for high-performance, efficient delivery of media content and software.
  • Highly-scalable delivery & storage -- Each delivery hub is multi-gigabit connected to top Tier1 carriers
  • Massively provisioned distribution centers connected to commercial and private peering into all of the major Tier-1 carriers
  • Ultra-scalable distributed network provides the best delivery at any usage level and under any network condition.
High performance CDN


Our innovations in architecture, routing, hardware and file systems result in instant file manipulation and output. The global file system is managed to the level of microsecond IO latency. Data that is placed on Webair for delivery is globally available within 300ms. This means that users can easily get their content online without worrying about slow-to-update cache which directly impacts performance.

Our global file system makes it possible for applications to interact with content at previously unavailable rates, which in most cases are faster than CD-ROM and DVD seek time over the Internet. Thanks to our architecture videos start instantly, streams are extremely smooth and live broadcasts rival HD television.

Reliable CDN


Our network is robust and was designed to be scalable and fault tolerant. Our systems are deployed at every core Internet routing location and are fully redundant and able to handle massive traffic growth. With a 100% SLA, Webair provides the PEACE OF MIND that critical content will be always be delivered quickly and reliably. Our SLA also covers the instant removal and availability of content within 300ms, compared to proxy cache networks which can take days or weeks to update or purge content.

One of the core efficiencies of our distributed Origin architecture is that our customers don’t experience cache misses. Proxy cache CDNs don't treat all content fairly -- they usually store and deliver only the most popular content across their entire customer bases. That means files that are less popular than those of big Web properties are often not cached. This architecture can result in 20% to 40% cache miss rates and significantly increased costs. Our customers never pay for repetitive delivery from their source to our origin servers.

CDN features


Because the network is a distributed Origin video delivery network, files can be locked, edited on the fly and streamed via Dynamic Security Protocol. Features such as seeking within a video, generating instant clips without re-encoding content and optimizing h.264 streaming at high rates are exclusively available on this architecture.

CDN implementation


Integration with our video delivery network generally takes about an hour -- and because of its simple design it can be done via a single URL.

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