Carrier Neutral Cloud

Webair's Carrier Neutral Cloud Infrastructure and Hosting services provide the benefits of Cloud Computing with complete carrier neutrality. This ground breaking service allows transparent access from Cloud environments to thousands of transit and transport providers via Webair's proprietary Cloud Cross Connect technology.

This service is available to all of Webair's existing Cloud and IaaS services including:

Webair FusionCloud, Webair Cloud Servers, Webair VPS Servers, Load Balanced Cloud Clusters, and Webair Iaas

How it worksHOW IT WORKS:

Using Webair' Carrier Neutral Cloud services is extremely simple. Order one of the products listed above, or Contact Us to configure a custom server configuration. Afterwards, order service from any provider who is ON-NET at one of Webair's approved locations (see below) and provide Webair with the LOA.

Cloud Cross Connect technology

Webair will take the Layer1 physical connection and via our Cloud Cross Connect technology directly make it available to your cloud environment via a virtual Layer2 VLAN. There is no limit to the number of allowed connections!

Carrier Neutral Cloud services

Webair's Carrier Neutral Cloud services are currently available in the NYC Metro area. All Webair Cloud services can connect to any carrier located at the following ON-NET locations:

  • Telx 111 8th St Suite 1515, New York, NY
  • Telx 60 Hudson St, New York, NY
  • Telx Ethernet Exchange
  • Telehouse 25 Broadway, New York, New York
  • The Hub, 32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

All cross connects at above locations will be directly transported to client's cloud infrastructure via a dedicated and redundant fiber ring to Webair's NY1 data center. Connectivity may also be provided via direct waves or direct transport.

Carrier Neutral Cloud diagram

Disaster Recovery

Webair's Carrier Neutral Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure is perfect for Disaster Recovery. Directly connect your existing physical infrastructure regardless of location to Webair's Cloud. Establishing connectivity is simple through Webair's network which reaches over 1000 providers.

Webair cloud servers come with a private network (VLAN) which can be merged into your existing physical network. This allows for seamless integration and the ability to control your servers as if they were local. Share and move IP addresses between physical and cloud environments and use existing hardware firewalls, load balancers, and routers with cloud servers.

Configuring Webair Cloud servers to mirror and take over for physical servers is easy!

In fact, all traffic can automatically be diverted to Cloud servers in the event of downtime in the physical environment. Private clouds can be configured inside Webair's Cloud to provide you with a truly physically diverse and segregated cloud solution. Contact our sales department to learn more about Webair's custom cloud disaster recovery options.

Any Webair Cloud Servers can be configured to directly connect to any of the THOUSANDS OF PROVIDERS at the locations above. Additionally physical routing infrastructure such as routers, switches, and even servers can be merged to cloud infrastructure to provide a truly customized topology to meet your business needs.

Webair's Carrier Neutral Cloud services currently supports the following physical cross connects:

Webair NY1 Datacenter
  • 10M Copper Ethernet
  • 100M Copper Ethernet
  • 1Gbps Copper Gigabit
  • 1Gbps Fiber Gigabit SM or MM
  • 10Gbps Fiber LR

Additionally the following carriers which are located inside Webair's NY1 facility are provided directly:

Webair Headquarters
  • Verizon Business
  • Verizon Core
  • LightPath
  • LightTower
  • XO Communications
  • Abovenet


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