Private cloud infrastructure

Webair's PRIVATE CLOUD SERVICES provide the ability to combine the rapid scalability and self-service functionality of a Public Cloud, with the power and reliability of dedicated resources. This results in a highly customizable and powerful solution which can be built to meet the exact resource, redundancy, and scalability requirements of an enterprise IT department. Webair is able to build Private Clouds with any level of local or global high availability, as well as provide clients with the option to failover to a Public Cloud to reduce costs and overhead.

Webair Private Clouds can co-exist with clients' physical infrastructure via the use of Webair Hybrid Cloud, which bridges physical and virtual infrastructure into one enviornment. Private Clouds can also be used as failover for physical infrastructure on or off Webair's network, or to facilitiate disaster recovery.

Why Webair Private Cloud?

Webair's Private Cloud implementation includes the following standardized features:

  • Multiple Hypervisor support including Vmware, Xen, KVM
  • Direct Provisioning capabilities via the use of software such as Vmware vCenter or OnApp
  • Dedicated Physical Network
    Private Layer2 and Layer3 devices connected to Webair's core network via OSPF & BGP. No single points of failure
  • Carrier Neutral solution
    Pair your private cloud to any mix of carriers via Webair Carrier Neutral Cloud Services
  • Dedicated Physical Firewalls provide the ability to tie site-to-site VPNs as well as DDoS protection and monitoring.
  • FusionIO Hardware
    Through the use of Webair FusionIO Servers, traditional storage can be tiered with extremly fast FusionIO storage to provide 300,000+ IOP/s per physical node
  • Dedicated Hardware SAN
    Select from multiple supported vendors to provide true storage scalability, snapshots, and true dedicated block level support. Dedicated SAN switches with high MTU are provided for fast iSCSI connectivity. Webair also provides the ability to purchase LUNs on shared SANs if requested.
  • Webair Cloud storage can be connected to provide additional storage in a 'pay as you go' model.
  • Support for IPv6 Addresses
    Full support for native IPv6 addresses
Typical private cloud

Private Cloud Infrastructure

What is a Webair Managed Private Cloud?

A Webair managed private cloud is a computing cloud enviornment, fully managed by Webair for use by a single client, similar to a Webair managed dedicated server. Webair manages all redundant data center and networking infrastructure, deploys server hardware, cloud management tools and (virtual) server software stacks, and also monitors and manages the cloud and virtual servers. Clients can configure and use cloud server applications, and provide content and customer service.

Unlike a public cloud where many different users share resources, a Webair managed private cloud is dedicated to a single user, and replaces the corporate data center. The Webair managed private cloud eliminates the headaches associated with running a data center, managing hypervisors, supporting virtualization, and the provisioning and maintenance of virtual servers. It lets users focus on the applications that run the business. Private clouds provide secure environment and superior infrastructure at lower costs and with minimal capital expenses, equally attractive to start-ups and medium size enterprises.

public vs private cloud

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