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Webair's LOAD BALANCED CLOUD SERVICES provide maximum horizontal scalability for unlimited growth. Webair couples the proven reliability of redundant physical load balancing hardware with the dynamic power of cloud computing. Webair's load balancing cloud services can distribute traffic between Webair Cloud servers, Webair FusionCloud servers, Webair VPS servers, and even a mix of virtual and physical servers via Webair Hybrid Cloud environments. By utilizing Webair cloud storage for backend content distribution, simple load balanced clusters of cloud servers can easily be deployed to properly balance traffic and handle large spikes in traffic.

Load balancing intelligently distributes traffic across multiple nodes and is a critical component of any high availability server configuration. Load balancers can greatly increase the speed & reliability of your web application because if one of your server nodes fails or becomes overloaded the traffic is automatically shifted to other nodes without any interruption of service. Another advantage of load balancing is that nodes may be selectively added and removed from the load balancing pool allowing for easy server maintenance without disruption service.

* Please note, diagrams shown below are recommended server configurations.

diagram head1
diagram head2


Webair has partnered with 3Crowd to provide fully managed global load balancing via the use of their propritary CrowdDirector product.

CrowdDirector monitors and manages traffic across your mission-critical servers, services, and compute clouds to maximize availability and control of web and Internet services.

CrowdDirector enables content providers to configure and manage disparate network resources - without having to build and support the tools to monitor and manage them.

CrowdDirector is equivalent to having high-powered load balancers distributed across the internet, setup to feed information about your site operations in real-time.

3Crowd has done all the work and innovation to make the system seamless and deployable within minutes.

crowd director


  • Maximizes site availability and reliability
  • Static weighted global load-balancing
  • Programmatic fail-over actions
  • Maximizes cost controls
  • The ability to route user to content servers that are geographically close
  • Allows busy servers to automatically migrate traffic to infrastructures less busy
  • Immediate, seamless deployment with graphical setup
  • No additional equipment requirements
  • Globally anycasted
  • Monitoring and failover cleanly integrate with your existing DNS
  • Real-time notifications


3 crowd

Global Server Load-balancing

3 crowd

Global DNS & HTTP Traffic Shaping

3 crowd

Site Resiliency

3 crowd

Multi-CDN Manager

* Contact Us for more details or to customize any preferred complex server configuration you may have. This is a highly customized service that can be tailored to your exact business.

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