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With multiple datacenter locations in New York, Amsterdam, Montreal and Los Angeles, Webair offers you multiple layers of redundancy for your Mission Critical Hosting Projects.

Webair maintains its own fiberoptic network in order to meet the growing needs of its hosting clients. Only fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment is used in all of our data centers. And all routing equipment is housed in a secured core routing room and fed by its own redundant power supply. By owning and operating our own network & datacenter, we maintain full control of how & where data is transmitted from our clients to the Internet. The quality of our network is ESSENTIAL to our success and to our clients' continued growth.

If you require a custom virtual solution please CONTACT US or call 1.866.WEBAIR1 to speak to a sales representative today!

On-Net Locations

Webair built its network into some of the largest network access points in the world. This allows us to interconnect with all major networks resulting in decreased latency to our clients. The following is a list of locations where Webair interconnects to other providers and sells bandwidth:

  • 60 Hudson St. New York, NY Locations: Telx 9th and 23rd floors. Fibernet 12th.
  • 25 Broadway, New York, NY Building Locations: Telehouse 5th and 6th floors
  • 111 8th Ave, New York, NY Building Locations: NYC-Connect Suite 1515, XO 12th.
  • 32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY Building Locations: The-Hub
  • 165 Halsey, Newark, NJ Build Locations: Equinix
  • 470 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn NY Building Locations ATC Meet-Me-Room
  • 1025 Old Country Road, Westbury NY Building Locations: Meet-Me-Room
  • Gyroscoopweg 2E & 2F, Amsterdam, NL Bulding Locations Redbus Interhouse
  • NIKHEF, Kruislaan 409, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, NL Bulding Locations: Meet-Me-Room


Webair maintains its own dark fiber network between our intra-city locations (listed above). The dark fiber is provided by multiple utility carriers (listed below) and is used to create a double layer ring between our locations. Webair lights its own dark fiber with both active and passive DWDM/CDWM equipment provided by Transmode and Cube Optics AG. The rings provide 180Gbps redundant connectivity between our on-net locations. This capacity is used to allow us to take advantage of all providers and networks at all locations.

Should an outage occur at any location, Webair has enough capacity at all others to handle its full network load. Our backbone is also used to provide other networks with access and transport between locations. Webair is also able to utilize its backbone network to provide its colocation clients with direct cross connects with over 300 IP providers.

Peering Locations

A peering point is a place where many networks interconnect to exchange traffic on a peering basis. Peering points reduce the number of networks that data must traverse to get to its destination and therefore improve the speed and reliability of the Internet. If geographically close networks peer, then data can travel a short path no matter what the configuration of transit provider's networks may be. Webair has chosen to build into peering points for these reasons.

This enables the best possible path between sites hosted at Webair and their end users. Webair is able to directly connect to many large broadband (cable/DSL) and dial-up networks directly. Clients using these providers would travel directly from their ISP to Webair without needing to travel through a traditional backbone network. This reduces the possible points of failure and slowness that may occur when additional hops and networks come into the picture.

Webair's peering locations:

  • NYIIX New York, NY 100+ Peers
  • Equinix New York City Metro IX Newark, NJ 20+ Peers
  • PAIX New York, NY 50+ Peers
  • PacketExchange London, UK 150+ Peers
  • AMS-IX Amsterdam, NL (Webair Amsterdam Network) 200+ Peers
  • BelgFreeBIX Brusselsium 20+ Peers


Webair connects to the following carriers for transit connectivity. Most carriers are connected at more than one physical location, using multiple 10Gbps Ethernet links.

Primary Transit

  • Global Crossings
  • Level 3 Communications, Inc.
  • Teleglobe/TATA
  • TeliaSonera

Transport Providers in facilities

  • Verizon Buisness
  • Verizon Core
  • Verizon Core
  • LightPath
  • LighTower
  • AboveNet
  • XO Communications
  • GigLinx

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