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Founded in 1996, Webair.com provides viable web hosting and managed solutions for companies of all sizes and is recognized as a global leader in the industry. With datacenters in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and Amsterdam, Webair continues to grow while leading the way with cutting edge technology and exemplary customer service. At Webair, we are committed to excellence and realize the level of service and support it takes to keep our existing clients happy, and new clients amazed!

Our multiple state of the art datacenters are equipped with the very latest technology and maintained by our expert engineers to ensure maximum stability, security and uptime for our clients. See below for listing of datacenter features and network specifications:

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Precision-controlled air conditioning systems protect and cool mission-critical servers and equipment in the Network Operations Center. The facility is controlled by quad-compressor / dual-blower redundant systems. These systems provide a virtually dust-free and particle-free computing environment, with temperature, humidity, and air-quality regulation.

Datacenter Features

  • 24/7/365 on-site security
  • Card reader / finger print scanners on all exterior and interior doors
  • Video camera monitoring all common areas
  • Fully redudant network topology
  • 180 Gbps network topology
  • Webair owns and operates its own network
  • Offsite Archived Backup Services
  • CDN Network Capability
  • Raised Floors
  • N+1 HVAC, Separate cooling zones with over 160 tons of cooling
  • Continuous, uninterruptible power supply
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems maintain constant temperature and humidity


Dual 4000 AMP, 480-volt electrical feeds power our data center. This system provides automatic switching between two independent transformers located in the basement.

A fully redundant, three megawatt paralleling UPS system, redundant master and emergency system busses (MSB/ESB) and two 1 megawatt diesel generator system with 12,000 gallons of fuel provide backup power for the facility. The facility can operate on it's own fuel reserves for 14 days at maximum capacity. UPS power is fed into redundant Power Distribution Units and Remote Power Panels (RPP). Each RPP is monitored to the circuit breaker level to ensure early warning overload protection. Each cabinet is fed with 2 completely independent power feeds. Each power feed connects back to 2 UPS systems via an STS. Power Busways allow for any circuit configuration to be provided (120v, 208v, 3 phase, 20,30,40,60 Amp).


Air conditioning and air handling services for the facility are provided by 8 20 Ton Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. Each CRAC unit is paired to its own Dry cooler located on the roof connected via private loops. Each CRAC unit and dry cooler pair are completely independent from each other and there are no 'centralized loops' or common points of failures. The facility can operate at N+2 cooling at full capacity. A fully automated BMS system cycles units to maintain equal run time. The BMS system also monitors 16 temperature sensors and turns on or off additional units as needed.

The facility is kept at 72 degrees and 45% humidity at all times. Critical airflows are monitored for hydrogen at all times, and CRAC power utilization is monitored via an EFT system to provide early warning in the event of a system failure.

Fire Detection & Suppression

Fire detection is provided by a facility-wide Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection System (VESDA). Each of our CRAC units has its own detection monitor that connects to the VESDA system. 2 redundant above floor zones and 2 redundant below floor zones monitor the facility for any particulate. The facility and all infrastructure (UPS rooms and other areas) are protected via an Inergen gas fire suppression system. There is no water suppression at all in the facility.


Onsite security is provided by a combination of biometric hand scanners, electronic card control systems, hi-resolution, motion sensitive, digital video surveillance systems and onsite personnel. Access to the facility is granted only after positive identification has been established. Movement throughout the facility is further tracked by usage of electronic card keys. Security Restricted access to the Network Operations Center is monitored by qualified personnel 24 hours a day. Visitors and clientele are only allowed on-site if escorted by Network Operations Center staff. The entire Network Operations Center is monitored, ensuring prompt response to and thorough coverage of fire or security alarms. All critical areas of the facility are zoned off and access is restricted. Access to our Meet-Me and POP facilities are provided on an escort basis only.

All critical areas of the facility are zoned off and access is restricted. Access to our Meet-Me and POP facilities are provided on an escort basis only.

The entire facility is alarmed and monitored with video cameras and off-site monitoring services. Customers can access the building 7x24x365 via an intercom system and camera connected to the manned video surveillance system. Once customer service personnel have visually identified the customers, they are allowed into the lobby area. Customer Service Personnel must use another hand scanner and a proximity card to escort customers into the data center.

Fuel Tanks

There are 2 independent 6,000 gallon diesel tanks on site. Both tanks connect to both existing generators, and are pre-piped to future pads. The tanks, their fuel levels, water content, and depletion rates are fully monitored by the facility BMS system. The facility can operate for 14 days at full capacity using the on-site fuel. Contracts are in place with multiple diesel vendors.


Manned 24 x 7 x 365, the Network Operation Center (NOC) provides the facilities to monitor all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), fire suppression and security systems onsite by specially trained personnel. Critical airflows, temperature, humidity, power consumption by individual customer, early warning fire identification and suppression systems, generator, chillers, CRAC Units and all security systems are monitored in real-time from the NOC.

Backup Systems

Webair automatically provides backup data services as a courtesy to all virtual hosting solutions clientele. Backup services are also available as an option to all dedicated and colocation clients. Webair utilizes RAID-5 backup grids as well as off site tape backup to ensure no data loss.

Floor loading

18-inch (46-cm) raised floor with a minimum loading capacity of 140 lbs/ft2 (684 kgs/m2)

Ceiling loading

Loading capacity of 25 lbs/ft2 (122 kgs/m2)

Clear heights

Ceiling height is 11 ft, 5 in (3.47 m) above the raised floor, providing a minimum clear height of 8 ft, 2 in (2.49 m) to the task lighting.


Six passenger elevators; one freight elevator rated for 12,500 lbs (5,670 kgs), measuring 13 ft, 5 in W x 13 ft, 5 in D x 10 ft H (4.09 m x 4.09 m x 3.05 m)

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